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a country or independent region where taxes are low

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If you want to pay zero corporate tax, you only have one option: incorporate your business in a corporate tax haven. In some cases, you cannot live in these countries due to the laws.
Nearly one in six worth of government contracts handed out since 2014 have been won by firms with links to tax havens, campaigners have claimed.
The study reveals the nature of secretive tax havens behind failure of the global corporate tax system.
British territories and dependencies made up the four of the top 10 countries that have done the most to "proliferate corporate tax avoidance" on the Corporate Tax Haven Index.
There was a government inquiry into tax havens by MP Margaret Hodge, among others, who stated it would be morally better if these gangs were excluded from tax havens and the GDP were less.
unrestricted growth of virtual tax havens in our country.
The European Union has removed Taiwan from the bloc's greylist of tax havens, acknowledging the nation's efforts at implementing anti-tax avoidance measures, Taiwan's Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Thursday.
5,000 Slovak companies operate from tax havens.The number of Slovak firms choosing to operate in tax havens increased by 2 percent in 2018, an analysis by consulting firm Bisnode shows.
The only tax haven countries which showed willingness to share information about Pakistani investments are Curacao, Cyprus, Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Seychelles and Singapore.
Pakistan is currently investigating data of three leaks about Pakistani offshore investments and - two leaks related to tax havens - Panama and Bahamas - which did not offer to share automatic information with Pakistan under the new tax convention.
Tax havens have been in the headlines in recent years: 'Panama Papers', 'Paradise Papers', 'Luxemburg Leaks', and so forth.
Count yourself lucky if you find the target company in a corporate registry, but never assume that not finding the company equates to its not having a presence in the tax haven.
(TAP) -- The House of People's Representatives (HPR) approved at a plenary session on Wednesday the establishment of a parliamentary investigation commission Tunisia's naming as a tax haven by the European Union, with 109 votes for, 1 against and 1 abstention.
Oxfam activists stage a satirical street-play mimicking wealthy people hidding their money in tax haven, in this December 5, 2017 photo, near the European institutions in Brussels, within a meeting of European Union ministers over a credible blacklist of non-EU tax havens.
Global Banking News-December 7, 2017--UAE disappointed at being included in EU tax haven blacklist