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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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para]]HOUSTON, June 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In its ongoing quest to provide best-in-class services to its clients, alliantgroup is proud to announce the release of its new proprietary software interface, epFace, which allows the firm to optimize its modeling calculations for energy based tax deductions.
However, not everyone is aware that income tax deduction is available on some healthcare costs, including your health insurance premium.
If your yearly health insurance premium is less than these limits, expenses up to Rs 5,000 on preventive health checkups can also be used to claim a tax deduction (total deduction remains the same).
Don't overlook these commonly missed tax deductions.
As my previous article about the Energy Policy Act in the January 26th issue stated, a 179D tax deduction is available for a qualifying energy efficient commercial building beginning in the year the building was placed in service.
Originally, the MOF refused to accept the inclusion of these conditions in the offset coverage on grounds that it is hard to define whether the mentioned software and technologies are needed for R&D projects and inclusion of foreign enterprises for tax deduction.
He shows that a tax deduction for net losses plays a similar role to a social insurance and reduces an individual's demand for private insurance.
For example, if a business buys a $1 million machine that lasts for ten years, it garners a $100,000 tax deduction each year for ten years.
And the president punted on the part of his "compassionate conservative" agenda that would have done the most to increase private giving: a federal tax deduction for non-itemizers (i.
American Honda Motor Company recently announced that its Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid and Insight vehicles have received certification from the International Revenue Service (IRS) enabling the cars to be eligible for a clean-fuel tax deduction.
exporters, with language that provides a 9% tax deduction for large and small manufacturers as a way to make up for lost FSC-ETI benefits.
Line 31 of Part IV requires taxpayers to determine the book expense and tax deduction for columns (A) and (D) relating to accrued liabilities.
In their lawsuit, Michael and Marla Sklar contend the IRS erred by disallowing their tax deduction while permitting members of the Church of Scientology to write off the cost of spiritual counseling and instruction on that religion's tenets.