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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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Schumer warned that thousands of New Yorkers could face a tax hike from the cap on state and local deductions and pointed out the review of experts at firms like Price Waterhouse Cooper who say eliminating or reducing the state and local tax deduction would decrease home values in each of New Yorks congressional districts, placing pressure on state and local governments to deliver cuts to education or their local fire and police departments.
The elimination of state and local tax deductions would prevent many New Yorkers from offsetting the cost of high taxes.
Otherwise, she should take her $5,000 state income tax deduction.
It allows FMs and tenants in leased buildings to use a one-time tax deduction of up to $1.
However, not everyone is aware that income tax deduction is available on some healthcare costs, including your health insurance premium.
If your yearly health insurance premium is less than these limits, expenses up to Rs 5,000 on preventive health checkups can also be used to claim a tax deduction (total deduction remains the same).
The 7 percent tax deduction that is offered to companies that invest in large enterprise-SME cooperation funds will only be given to companies that invest in firms that are not related to them.
Synopsis: Americans oppose eliminating common tax deductions, either as part of a plan to lower the overall income tax rate or to reduce the federal budget deficit.
Don't overlook these commonly missed tax deductions.
He added that the tax deduction will be retroactive to the first day of this year and qualified enterprises can apply for the deduction in May next year when declaring business income taxes.
Kaplow (1992b) shows that governments should not provide a tax deduction for net losses when a private insurance contract is available.
The opportunity to qualify for the lighting tax deduction exists mainly because of technical improvements in lighting products since publication of the 1991 standard.
Swedish investor Hakon Invest AB said on Tuesday (6 March) that the National Tax Board is allowing Hakon Invest a tax deduction with regard to the change in value of the shareholding in the Dutch company Royal Ahold.
525, Taxable and Nontaxable Income: Miscellaneous Income, states that the taxable amount is further limited to the excess of the state income tax deduction over the state and local general soles tax deduction that could have been claimed.