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a reduction in the gross amount on which a tax is calculated

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Earlier, the consumers were getting Rs64.38 against Rs100 mobile card and easyload after tax deduction, said the TV channels.
The special energy efficiency tax deduction, 179D, has been extended to tax-paying businesses for 2017.
Taking notice of the high tax deduction, the chief justice issued summons to mobile phone operators to submit reply on Tuesday next week.
116, Binay seeks to grant tax deductions to theaters and cinemas that would grant free admission or discounted rates to members of the Philippine military.
The elimination of state and local tax deductions would prevent many New Yorkers from offsetting the cost of high taxes.
Generally speaking, a contribution to a qualified charity allows you to claim a tax deduction if you itemize deductions.
Otherwise, she should take her $5,000 state income tax deduction.
However, the court declined request to stay the tax deduction observing that it could not pass such orders without hearing stance
For lighting, one could realize a maximum tax deduction of $0.60 per sq ft (one-third of the total) if Standard 90.1 were exceeded by 40 percent (assuming controls were used in certain spaces).
However, not everyone is aware that income tax deduction is available on some healthcare costs, including your health insurance premium.
If your yearly health insurance premium is less than these limits, expenses up to Rs 5,000 on preventive health checkups can also be used to claim a tax deduction (total deduction remains the same).
The 7 percent tax deduction that is offered to companies that invest in large enterprise-SME cooperation funds will only be given to companies that invest in firms that are not related to them.
Opposition is somewhat lower to eliminating the state and local tax deduction among those who claim it.
He added that the tax deduction will be retroactive to the first day of this year and qualified enterprises can apply for the deduction in May next year when declaring business income taxes.
Can you explain to me the new sales tax deduction for vehicle purchases to relieve consumers who buy cars?