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a direct reduction in tax liability (not dependent on the taxpayer's tax bracket)

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However, applicants must choose to have the tax credit paid in advance.
Lay brings significant experience in monetizing both transferable and allocated tax credits, with a primary focus on maintaining client relationships for both tax credit acquisition and sales.
For further advice on |claiming tax credits, contact your local CAB.
Therefore, if a tax credit is reduced or eliminated, the developer is liable for making good to the investor on the loss.
If I'm qualified for the tax credit and buy a home in 2009, can I apply the tax credit against my 2008 tax return?
NAHB created the HCCP designation 1998 as a way to recognize the specialized skills and expertise needed to own and manage affordable housing developed under the auspices of the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program.
If you think you may be eligible for tax credit schemes, call 0800 500 222 for a claim pack.
Common incentives include hiring credits; property tax breaks; sales and use tax credits; income tax credits or percentage reductions; research and development credits; and investment tax credits.
In its brief, TEI pointed out the standing and Commerce Clause issues conflated in Cuno in that the taxpayer group challenging Ohio's tax credit could not demonstrate any actual harm--a prerequisite to prevailing on either issue.
He calls the federal tax credit discontinuation "short-sighted" policy and says keeping those incentives in place are a valuable tool that keeps Northern Ontario "on par with the rest of the world.
Director, Youth Inpatient Psychiatry, Royal Ottawa Hospital; Gary Birch, Executive Director, Neil Squire Foundation; Lembi Buchanan, Chair, Coalition for Disability Tax Credit Reform; Karen Cohen, Associate Director, Canadian Psychological Association; Yude Henteleff, Honorary Solicitor, the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada; and Guy Lord, Senior Partner, Osier, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP.
The district court upheld both the investment tax credit and the property tax abatement, and the plaintiffs appealed to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Their legislation includes both a tax deduction for long-term care insurance premiums and a tax credit of $1,000 in 2004 for people who require at least six months of long-term care during the year.
In 1998, the state created the tax-credit system that offers up to $665 in tax credits to taxpayers who donate to nonprofit groups that, in turn, pay tuition for students to attend private schools in Arizona.
There is one federal tax credit called the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Energy.