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the collection of taxes

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The statement said during last financial year, FBRs total tax collection was Rs 2,254 billion and total expenditure of all offices of FBR was 0.
Request for Proposal (RFP) Information Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Vendor Contract for a Treasurer Tax Collection System.
The projected losses over the recession after the country's entry into the Customs Union will be compensated with improvements in tax collection and coverage of those tax payers who do not pay taxes now.
The uptick in tax collections was led by the performance of the personal income tax, which rose 10.
The PTI chief said the government has not chalked out an effective plan for tax collection, instead, getting loan from the IMF.
BEIRUT: The Lebanese government is seeking to finalize the automation of tax collection systems, Finance Minister Mohammad Safadi said Monday.
ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has surpassed the minimum tax collection benchmark of Rs 1.
Giving the exact figures of tax collections, Home Minister P Chidambaram said the tax revenue has reached to six lakh seventy thousand crore rupees due to efficient tax collection and better tax compliance.
RECORD breaking tax collection figures show Dudley Council continues to be one of the top performing metropolitan authorities in the country, according to national figures.
In a letter dated December 14, TEI submitted comments to the Honorable Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, regarding harmonization of Ontario's corporate income tax collection system.
The Internet Tax Freedom Act of 1998 does not prohibit a state from imposing a sales or a use tax collection obligation on any seller that is physically present within the taxing jurisdiction.
Citing a study by the University of Chicago and National Bureau of Economic Research, a group called Americans for Tax Reform warns that new schemes to impose sales tax collection to e-commerce could cause the market to shrink significantly, spelling trouble for many online ventures.
The impact of a sluggish economy and decreased federal assistance is causing many states to emphasize sales tax collection as a means of raising revenues.
While there were concerns that the tax collection would decline because of the excise tax increase, that did not materialize," Higgins continued.