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a tax deduction that is granted in order to encourage a particular type of commercial activity

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With Republicans in Congress vowing to railroad through annual tax cuts upon tax cuts, the fiscal legacy Bush will leave is coming into plain view: a bloated Pentagon, a flattened income tax, dividend and capital gains and estate tax breaks for the rich, and precious little for the poor.
The NEA study, "Protecting Public Education From Tax Giveaways to Corporations," analyzed the impact of two kinds of tax breaks, property tax abatements and what is called tax increment financing (TIF, a long-term diversion of certain areas' property taxes to corporations investing in those areas), on school funding.
Contacts: Investment bankers Coronation Capital and CorpCapital are involved in structuring finance for films using tax breaks as one of the funding mechanisms.
The insurance industry's complaint, as voiced by Allianz, is that the government intends to grant tax breaks to only one other company pension model--the Pensionskassen, which are companies structured as mutual assurance associations.
Phaseouts should be eliminated or made uniform, so that benefits phase out at similar income levels and work in similar ways and taxpayers can easily determine whether they qualify for tax breaks.
The possibilities for "leasing" of tax breaks are unlimited.
Today, when Democrats try to restrict capital gains tax breaks to job-producing new investment they are harkening back to that same concern.
In a key difference from the House version, the increased tax breaks or expenditures would be paid for by a proposal to reinstitute the ten percent federal airline ticket tax for a term of six months.
Before flow-through shares were dropped, the government cancelled a three-year tax break for new mines and also taxed capital gains, he recalls.
To have an understanding about how the tax breaks on new gas fields are expected to check the rising gas imports in the UK
SALEM - In an action sure to stoke partisan tensions, House Democrats moved Wednesday to sharply cut a tax break for so-called "pass through" businesses.
The bill would enable millions of businesses and individuals to claim the tax breaks on their 2014 returns.
Washington, Rabi'I 27, 1433, Feb 19, 2012, SPA - President Barack Obama promoted tax breaks Saturday to encourage companies to keep jobs in the United States.
Finance Minister Koji Omi said Monday the government will seek consensus with the ruling coalition over its plan to basically let expire as scheduled the current tax breaks on capital gains from stock sales and dividend income by proposing measures to alleviate negative impact on the stock market.
In other words, at no additional cost to the owner, the owner or redeveloper can offer substantial financial incentives to a prospective medical practice tenant, subject to the following caveat: Not a single municipality has enacted an ordinance to grant these property tax breaks since The Act took effect in June 2005.