tax boost

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the amount by which taxes are increased

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No one who loves Oregon is going to leave just because of a small tax boost.
The planned tax boost is a burden the people must bear to maintain the nation's welfare system in the medium term, he added.
Gordon Brown delivered his final Budget yesterday with a surprise tax boost ( and staked his claim as the next Prime Minister.
The total increase was about $11 billion, including California's car tax boost that will generate about $4 billion in FY 2004.
Bill Morrisette, D-Springfield, a sponsor of the increase, said there are enough votes in the Senate to pass the tax boost.
THE SNP are demanding a pounds 50million tax boost which could be raised by football's Euro 2008 championship should remain in Scotland.
Mr Brown is expected to give a tax boost for everyone with an increase in the current 10p tax band of pounds 1,520.
The Labour MP said: "There are some bits I like, the tax boost for people who invest in start-up businesses and the support for manufacturing, there's also something positive for savers and retired people.
Owen Smith MP, Shadow Welsh Secretary, said: "David Cameron says he wants to inject fairness into the system, but there is nothing fair about giving a massive tax boost to the wealthiest in society, while asking those on low and moderate incomes to take a cut in their incomes.
It will also bring a long-term tax boost to the two councils.
The Catcher prospect, off the east coast of Scotland, is thought to hold up to 300million barrels of oil - and could bring a pounds billion tax boost to UK finances.
But if they do manage to approve the income tax boost on the wealthy, they could face a referendum campaign, said anti-tax activist Russ Walker.
The government's key economic panel on Tuesday endorsed a plan to raise the nation's consumption tax from fiscal 2011 at the earliest and amend legislation to lay the groundwork for the tax boost in 2010.
The estimate comes in an impact assessment on the merits of a tax boost for the economy.
Birmingham-based Indestructible Paint Ltd, which manufactures high-performance protective coatings for many of the aero engine and aerospace component makers in the world, received the tax boost after intervention of the Birmingham office of HW Chartered Accountants.