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the amount by which taxes are increased

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Across New York, it's an automatic response: a budget problem becomes a tax boost.
Income tax boost as beer price cut and petrol rise is abandoned THERE was good news and gloom in the Chancellor's latest Budget Annual price rises for beer were axed and a penny knocked off the price of a pint.
Federal lawmakers have struggled to gain traction on a gas tax boost, NSSGA notes, while transit advocates were said to be eager to see how an increase in the gas tax would play out on a local level as a precursor to a push at the federal level.
As soon as this year's allowance is invested it will start to receive its tax boost but the longer a delay investing throughout the tax year, the smaller the boost it will receive.
Tourism officials and hotel managers in Chicago said they understood Mayor Rahm Emanuel's decision to propose a 1 percentage point increase in hotel tax, but aired fears that at some point a continued tax boost would drive consumers away.
Tax boost for mergers Entrepreneurs' relief tax being doubled to pounds 10 million will spark renewed interest from businesses teetering on the edge of selling their firms, according to experts in the city.
Socialist MEP Proinsias De Rossa implored Rehn and Trichet to consider the "economic wasteland" a corporate tax boost would create in Ireland.
IDA Executive Director Sandy Mathes said the project will also translate into a significant tax boost for the county.
The Lib Dems are promising a pounds 700 tax boost for millions of taxpayers by raising the National Insurance threshold to pounds 10,000.
No one who loves Oregon is going to leave just because of a small tax boost. Business will be more likely to stay or come here because the state's public schools and public safety are properly funded, and we the voters are actually pretty darn smart for making a good choice over listening to the whining of the right wing of the GOP.
The planned tax boost is a burden the people must bear to maintain the nation's welfare system in the medium term, he added.
Gordon Brown delivered his final Budget yesterday with a surprise tax boost ( and staked his claim as the next Prime Minister.
The total increase was about $11 billion, including California's car tax boost that will generate about $4 billion in FY 2004.
Bill Morrisette, D-Springfield, a sponsor of the increase, said there are enough votes in the Senate to pass the tax boost. However, any revenue-raising measure must start in the Oregon House, where majority Republicans have said that there is little interest in raising taxes.
The goal: win legislative support for a temporary penny sales tax boost to aid schools, meet a constitutional mandate to keep schools open, and head off a property tax hike.