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money owed for taxes

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DOUGLAS Ross is not correct in his claim that military personnel in Scotland earning over PS24,000 will pay higher tax bills.
Thirteen days after the House passed its version of the tax bill, Charles Koch and his wife, Elizabeth, gave nearly $500,000 to Ryan's joint fundraising committee, as (http://www.
However, the tax bill may be polling badly for reasons that have little to do with the details of the bill.
Keep in mind that the best advice depends specifically on how you're going to be affected by the tax bill.
Related: Scott Kicks Off Battle Over Senate Tax Bill Life Provisions )
In my particular case, I have a house that I bought in the '80s, and now the tax bill on that house is larger than the original house payment was.
Where taxable income exceeds PS150,000 currently, a PS10,000 dividend income will result in a tax bill of PS3,055.
Comic Jimmy Carr is to pay a PS500,000 tax bill after quitting a controversial offshore avoidance scheme.
Summary: Athens: Greek lawmakers passed a tax bill seeking to raise state revenue by 2.
MANILA -- Anti-sin tax bill groups on Thursday trooped to the House of Representatives to continue their protest against the passage of the measure.
In a related matter, the city yesterday issued its first-quarter tax bill for this fiscal year.
On June 15 the government submitted four bills on taxation to Parliament namely the Goods and Services Tax Bill, Business Profit Tax Bill, Income Tax Bill and the Amendment Bill to Tax Administration Act.
5-billion tax bill until the legal battle over the case is settled.
WIN your Council Tax Bill paid for a year For your chance to WIN: Simply collect as many prize draw tickets as you like and answer our simple question.
It is understood the ex-EastEnders star, 27, failed to pay off a pounds 20,000 tax bill.