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money owed for taxes

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Last night his agent insisted there was a mix-up over the tax bill.
Additional tax bill processing options are provided to help tax departments customize how they prefer to manage property tax bills.
0D TS hatchback, which is expected to be the best-seller in the Mazda6 line-up, the tax bill is slashed to pounds 623.
However, if a top bod at any particular council thinks my figures are wrong, then I challenge them to come up with an EXACT figure based on the average council tax bill of around pounds 1,000.
An Offer in Compromise (Form 656) is an agreement with the IRS that lets you resolve your tax bill for less than you owe; the general rule is at least 14% of the amount owed must be paid.
If the county sends separate tax bills to each individual owner of a timeshare, those individuals are likely to each have to pay $50.
There is an $11,000 limit on gifts to individuals, creating a major opportunity to reduce your tax bill.
A tax bill passed last year provides a vivid example of just how blatantly Congress is surrendering our sovereignty to quasi-governmental bodies like the WTO.
He and his supporters lobbied House leaders to include his proposal in a corporate tax bill moving through Congress, The Hill newspaper has reported.
Husband H's 2004 tax bill, using married filing separately filing status, is $16,000; wife W's 2004 tax bill, using the same filing status, is $24,000.
The Conservatives published research which showed that the average band D council tax bill in England has risen from pounds 689 in 1997-98 to pounds 1,167 this year ( a pounds 478 increase.
A $100 savings is more important to a household with a tax bill of $1,000 than to a household with a tax bill of $50,000.
44th St contains six rent-controlled apartments and faces a $40,000 tax bill each year.
When Congress passed a primitive income tax bill in 1862, Lincoln's defiant treasury secretary, Samuel Chase, ignored the law, preferring to fund the war through more government borrowing (sound familiar?
On a $200,000 property, that would mean a $2,464 municipal property tax bill for a residence, but a $5,116 bill (on average) for a commercial property, and a bill of $8,264 (on average) for an industrial property.