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a tax deduction that is granted in order to encourage a particular type of commercial activity

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It means that other council tax benefit recipients will have to bear the full impact of the cut.
Ministers plan to change the way council tax benefit is allocated across the country.
Like-wise 7,088 taxpayers in the category of association of persons (AoP) in income group between 350,000 to 400,000 will get tax benefit of Rs.
She will also have to repay rent rebate of pounds 1,308 and council tax benefit of pounds 327.
The transaction that results in a tax benefit must be an avoidance transaction in the sense of not being arranged primarily for bona fide purposes other than to obtain the tax benefit (subsection 245(3) of the Act).
The following are some options to achieve a tax benefit during life:
New Law: The new law generally recovers the tax benefit for charitable donations of tangible personal property for which an FMV deduction is claimed and which is not used for exempt purposes.
The tax benefit stems from New York City's 421-a Property Tax Exemption program, established in the 1970's to encourage housing development.
Nearly all of the increase in net income and income per share was due to the recognition of a $51 million income tax benefit, the company said.
If a tax benefit does not meet the threshold for recognition, the company may need to record a tax liability for the tax effect on the difference between the "as-filed" amount and the tax benefit recognized.
In early October, the House and Senate were expected to pass legislation to replace the Foreign Sales Corporation-Extra-Territorial Income (FSC-ETI) tax benefit for U.
The Jewish couple based its case on the tax benefit the federal government granted the Church of Scientology in a secret agreement in 1993, arguing the only proper course is to grant the tax benefit to all religions.
The lack of tax benefit data limits the ability of HUD and USDA to administer and evaluate the programs.
But while you can't write off your child's parochial school education as a deduction, you can get some tax benefit by establishing a Coverdell Education Savings Account (formerly an Education IRA that pays qualified education expenses for a designated beneficiary.