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the value set on taxable property

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On November 19, 2015, Bankers received notification that the Albanian tax department has suspended the use of the Company's Albanian bank accounts used to pay local suppliers in an attempt to collect an amount of $75 million, increased due to assessed interest and penalties from the previously announced $57 million tax assessment.
Legal departments at banks will be given the right to appeal the property tax assessments on behalf of owners, the Ministry of Finance announced Saturday.
The Long Beach Water Management District Is Requesting Sealed, Separate Submittals For Professional Services For The Following: Special Tax Assessment Consulting And Assessment Engineering Services: To Develop A Method Or Formula For Measuring The Benefits And Damages To All Property Located Within The Long Beach Watershed Resulting From Canal Improvements And The Maintenance Of Same.
Even if tax rates stay the same, if tax assessments rise, owner's real estate tax bills are going to go up.
Instead, it offers ideas, arguments, and methods that owners and managers may want to consider that might convince local assessment authorities to reduce specific property tax assessments.
That means if a new potential buyer dislikes the added tax assessment, they may demand a lower price and the lender loses out on the difference.
In exchange for the payment, the tax official stated that he would reduce PTEC's tax assessment.
By staying ahead of the critical dates and deadlines, your company can avoid losing an opportunity to reduce a real estate tax assessment.
MPAC) say the provincial government's attempt to harmonize assessment bases across Ontario under a fair market value tax assessment has failed, and has brought southern Ontario property values into a depressed market in the North.
The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled that taxpayers challenging their property tax assessment had to prove a lack of uniformity in the whole taxing district, not just in the neighborhood.
60 allows ODT to issue a Corrected Assessment as an alternative means of resolving a disputed tax assessment without ODT having to issue a Final Determination.
For background on this case, see Tax Clinic, "Challenge to Tax Assessment Based on Aggregate Tip Reporting," p.
Generally, the entity filing the tax appeal will have the burden of proving that the tax assessment is incorrect.
It also noted Marcos should have exhausted all legal remedies available under the tax code and should have questioned the assessment before the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Court of Appeals before the tax assessment became final.