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the value set on taxable property

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The revisions in local tax statute are being considered for change to allow prescribed time limitations on amend/reopen tax assessments to be opened, reported Business Recorder.
The CTA second division said the tax assessment made by then Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Lilia Hefti cannot be sustained because it merely used as basis the Sandiganbayan decision convicting Estrada of plunder.
Considering that there were no validly issued tax assessment against which the P13.
Legal departments at banks will be given the right to appeal the property tax assessments on behalf of owners, the Ministry of Finance announced Saturday.
Even if tax rates stay the same, if tax assessments rise, owner's real estate tax bills are going to go up.
Instead, it offers ideas, arguments, and methods that owners and managers may want to consider that might convince local assessment authorities to reduce specific property tax assessments.
That means if a new potential buyer dislikes the added tax assessment, they may demand a lower price and the lender loses out on the difference.
According to Don Lombardi, director of tax assessment services and member of the Distressed Property Services Group at Grubb & Ellis I Commercial Florida, lowering taxes can greatly improve the operating profile of a building and increase its market value.
The bill would permit a tenant to contest his landlord's property tax assessment without the owner's consent, which is now required.
The Tax Agency has decided to impose a tax surcharge of SEK493m for Klovern's request for reconsideration of the tax assessment for 2003.
2) The defendants were convicted of violations arising from payments to Haitian officials to reduce the Company's customs duties and sales tax assessment.
There are 51 different sets of property tax assessment laws in the United States--one for each state and the District of Columbia.
The IRS was unable to satisfy the full personal tax assessment against David and filed a lien against Bantu Nebraska citing the corporation as David's nominee or alter ego.
MPAC) say the provincial government's attempt to harmonize assessment bases across Ontario under a fair market value tax assessment has failed, and has brought southern Ontario property values into a depressed market in the North.