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an advantage bestowed by legislation that reduces a tax on some preferred activity

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Ashu Suyash, Managing Director and Country Head - India, Fidelity International, said, "We are delighted with the Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund being adjudged as the best fund in the ELSS category at the CNBC TV18 - CRISIL, ICRA and Morningstar India Awards.
With that in mind, this article offers a step-by-step approach to the options based on their after-tax rate of return, providing choices that offer tax advantages no matter how much money is involved.
These would have to be notified to Customs if the main purpose of entering into these arrangements, or one of the main purposes, was to gain a tax advantage.
Still another tax advantage to consider is the possible savings on state and local income taxes, which of course vary from state to state and from city to city throughout the country.
Secondly, the study incorrectly concludes that the incremental costs associated with eliminating an unfair tax advantage for a subset of market participants would impact pricing and capacity.
To be notifiable a hallmarked scheme must have as a main purpose the intention to obtain a tax advantage so that less tax is paid, more tax is repaid or a cash flow advantage obtained.
Documentation is a key factor to ensure the company gets the maximum tax advantage for using this equipment.
First, paired-share REITs do not enjoy a tax advantage over other real estate companies.
If you were to hold a muni bond in an IRA, you would be accepting that lower yield without getting the muni-bond tax advantage, since taxes on investment income in an IRA are already deferred until you withdraw money from your account, perhaps many years from now.
Porat states that modern financial theory explains why market insurance is consistent with value maximization of the firm: because it provides the tax advantage of taking present deductions, while self-insurers can only deduct actual losses when incurred.
Members of the Coalition for Tax Fairness, a group of property/casualty insurers that seek closure of the sup posed tax advantage, are American Financial Group Inc.
In addition, if salaries to owners eliminate all taxable income, an LLC has no tax advantage over a C corporation.
Specifically, there is a tax advantage for a closely held C corporation to maximize compensation for its shareholder-employees, rather than paying dividends--avoiding double taxation.
This tax increase will add to the tax advantage of tax-deferred savings of greater fund accumulations than under taxed investments.