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a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles


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TAWS clients include those involved in the oil sands, construction and plant sites.
The Sandel TAWS solution offered by Business Jet Services is a single, copilot side-installed unit with an external annunciator with switches on the pilot side of the cockpit.
The TAWS algorithm continuously monitors realtime aircraft position, attitude, and altitude, and calculates the predicted aircraft-recovery flight path.
The addition of TAWS enables the GNS 530 and GPS 500 to graphically display the surrounding terrain and obstacles in bright yellow and red, relative to the aircraft's current altitude.
Through technological advancements, like performance based TAWS, T3CAS is an integrated solution that features more advanced terrain conflict prediction and alerting functions, less weight and volume compared to federated systems, reduced wiring and improved power efficiency, all these translate to significant savings for the airlines Olivier emphasizes.
BFGoodrich Aerospace has launched the first multimedia website designed to educate and demonstrate the new TAWS requirements.
TAWS Class A (terrain awareness warning system), TCAS II (traffic alert and collision avoidance system), cockpit voice recorder (CVR), electronic charts, and XM graphical weather are just part of the standard capabilities.
Integrating TCAS, TAWS, and a Mode S Transponder into a single LRU saves weight, avionics bay space, and improves system reliability.
Serial beggar Thomas Taws has landed himself back in court.
During this time, TAWS will continue to lateral jet drill and complete the remaining 10 wells.
Tyrant tramp Thomas Taws has told of his life on the streets of Newcastle.
The province flirted with separating from Canada to protect its French culture, but tensions have subsided since a 1995 referendum on separation was defeated and taws protecting the French language have been better enforced.
Aggressive beggar Thomas Taws has been banned from the streets after waging a campaign of terror on traders and shoppers.
It usually involves some kind of extraordinary effort to challenge the taws of gravity, as most of us know them.