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a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles


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A terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS) is generally an on-board system aimed at preventing unintentional impacts with the ground, termed "controlled flight into terrain" accidents, or CFIT.
POS is also important to TAWs: Coyle-Shapiro, Morrow, and Kessler (2006) reported a positive association between POS and the job attitudes of TAWs.
During their flight from Aberdeen, pilot Michael Tweedie, 55, and his co-pilot saw a TAWS "caution" warning flash up on their instruments for a few seconds, then clear.
For this reason, American universities and colleges that employ foreign workers or admit foreign students to work on technology research must be conscious of the taws concerning deemed exports.
At the time of going to press, phase two of the C-17 TERPROM TAWS test programme was scheduled to begin during early 2002, with initial installation of production systems slated for mid-2002.
"I thought it was really exciting and it was nice to see all the old photos of all the former pupils and parents." - Miss Taws (Deputy Head.) The whole school were involved in the amazing event and everything went to plan.
NOTTINGHAM: 2.20 Scarlet Bounty, 2.55 Nabeel, 3.30 Katawi, 4.05 Khatiba, 4.35 Naivasha, 5.10 Taws. BATH: 6.00 Outbid, 6.30 Spray Tan, 7.00 Blue Eyed Boy, 7.35 Cricklewood Green, 8.10 Cataria Girl, 8.40 Danz Star, 9.10 Lucky Diva.
The implementation of a ground-proximity-warning system (GPWS) and terrain-awareness-warning system (TAWS) on Navy and Marine Corps aircraft has been a major contributor to the decrease in CFITs.
Kohl-Welles, a Democrat, has introduced a bill to overturn the law, which made it a misdemeanor to slander any female older than 12 by uttering "any false or defamatory words or language which shall injure or impair the reputation of any such female for virtue or chastity or which shall expose her to hatred, contempt, or ridicule." If the old taw is overturned, women will stilt have the same protection as men under other slander taws.
St George's: R Fairbairn (HH)v W Cummin (WL); S Taws (C) v PGing (BW); P Harvey (G) v J Askwith (G); B Nicol (HH) v K Taylor (HS).
The province flirted with separating from Canada to protect its French culture, but tensions have subsided since a 1995 referendum on separation was defeated and taws protecting the French language have been better enforced.
Serial beggar Thomas Taws has landed himself back in court.
It usually involves some kind of extraordinary effort to challenge the taws of gravity, as most of us know them.