tawny owl

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reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes

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Sure enough, only yards away the unmistakable hoot of a tawny owl cut through the night air.
Not all included characters are measurable in the skull fragments from pellets and food remains of the Tawny Owl due to different rates of preservation (Balciauskiene, 2006).
Though the Tawny Owl and the cop were browned off, the girls thought it all a hoot.
This man, named Rob, was from Wirral and his tawny owl was a male named Pippin
Most people would expect that a bird like the tawny owl, with its sharp beak and big talons, would not be taken because of the risk of injury to the attacker.
An Amey team was sent to Park Hall where they installed three bat boxes, two kestrel boxes and a tawny owl box.
A TAWNY owl rescued by firefighters after being caught in a fishing line has been released back into the wild.
COMING ALONG NICELY Amanda Alsop of Prince Bishop Vets in Leadgate with the rescued 'Tony' the tawny owl
They supplied a tawny owl called Cuddles for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
The tawny owl is the most numerous of all British owls.
Harrison John Harrison of Dolgellau (above) a tawny owl and (left) Emily Frazer, five, a hot marshmallow biscuit
RACHEL Wade, retired teacher and member of Kirkheaton Parish Church, made a huge impression with her tawny owl at this year's national Festival of Quilts at the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.
In the case of the tawny owl, it's not a mere tutorial but a whole semester
He brought in several feathered friends including a barn owl, a tawny owl and a huge eagle owl.