tawny eagle

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brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asia

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A 23-year-old imprinted male tawny eagle (Aquila rapax) was examined because of sudden onset of lethargy, regurgitation, anorexia, and hematochezia.
Earlier this year an African tawny eagle escaped from her new home in Reading and flew 200 miles back to her original owner's home in North Yorkshire.
Three-year-old Lucy is a tame African tawny eagle, who belonged to 21-year-old falconer Titus Wardle, from Malham, in North Yorkshire.
Guest appearances include a tawny eagle, a lanners falcon and a harris hawk.
Pictured below is Ian Carmichael showing a group of children a Tawny Eagle.
The flock was composed of ~15 Steppe and Tawny eagles (Aquila nipalensis and A.