tawny eagle

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brownish eagle of Africa and parts of Asia

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One of the birds was a Steppe eagle of a Russian breed, the other is a Tawny eagle of an African breed - sadly neither of the birds made it.
Key words: ileo-ceco-rectal intussusception, anastomosis, avian, tawny eagle, Aquila rapax
In all we drove for 10 hours, spotting mongoose, warthogs, ostrich, waterbuck, giant termite mounds, crocodiles, turtles, vultures, the secretary bird, a tawny eagle in her nest, geranuk (a giraffe-necked gazelle) impala and kudu (types of antelope).
Flying Eagle" is a majestic tale in rhyme about a tawny eagle who lives in Tanzania's Serengeti National Park.
Pictured below is Ian Carmichael showing a group of children a Tawny Eagle.
Earlier this year an African tawny eagle escaped from her new home in Reading and flew 200 miles back to her original owner's home in North Yorkshire.
Three-year-old Lucy is a tame African tawny eagle, who belonged to 21-year-old falconer Titus Wardle, from Malham, in North Yorkshire.