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Synonyms for tawny

of a light brown to brownish orange color


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TAWNY Jordan is set to KO fight fans as the she takes ring card duties in the McGregor-Mayweather showdown.
Bruno, a Steppe eagle, and Alexia, a Tawny eagle, were found dead in their aviary when volunteers arrived for work.
The update includes new labels and bottle designs across the Sandeman's line of Aged tawny portos.
additional poc: tawny carle, ph: 1-585-461-8868, fax: 1-585-461-8854, email: tawny.
And now for the good news, Seppetsfield are still making tawny and in much the same way, and so are other growers who have a keen respect for Australia's finest traditions.
Tonel 12 Ten Year Tawny Porto is aged in 550-liter oak casks and has flavors of dried fruit, figs, honey and almonds, and a touch of mandarin on the finish.
com)-- Local Nashville Artists; Dawn & Nash formerly known as Tawny River, Daphne & the Mystery Machines and Adam Burrows have come together in alliance with Kimbro's Pickin Parlor, Give a Little Nashville and Music City Roots to host an evening of music and charity for the Room in the Inn and Nashville's homeless community.
Tawny owls could start twit-twooing soon, screeching barn owls, barking muntjac deer and foxes are all something you could hear.
Male tawny owls make this noise to mark their territory and advertise their presence to any nearby females.
com/Taylor's 10-year-old Tawny POP the port in the fridge darling
I haven't the space here to wax lyrical about Tawny 10, 20, and 30-year olds but I will say that Taylor's 10-year-old Tawny (ranging in price between PS20 and PS25 at various retailers) is a dream with pudding.
These ants are named tawny crazy ants for their orange-yellow color and the quick, jerky way they move.
Diet of tawny owl Strix aluco was studied in gardens of National Agronomical Institute of El Harrach during 1996 and 1997 and that of barn owl Tyto alba in Jardin d'Essai of Hamma in 1997.
The Owl Who Liked Sitting on Caesar: Living With a Tawny Owl