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"It is a great picture of the tawdriness of Yalta, the defeated hopes of an elderly population labouring under a kleptocracy.
Or whether, considering the occasional tawdriness of whites' behavior toward minorities in centuries past--displacing Indians, enslaving Africans, deporting Chinese--there is cause to worry about race relations once the shoe is on the other foot.
Bruen deliberately juxtaposes this disappointment in the Church--its obsession with money, its tawdriness, its dishonesty, its failure to provide comfort--with an unexpected meeting, on the steps of the church, with an old friend, Janet, who "uttered the closest thing to an Irish benediction.
In the meantime, Becoming Lady Lockwood is a must for avid readers of Covenant Communications' regency romances or for those who simply love the regency period without the tawdriness.
Vivid green socks." (74) His outfit bespeaks his tawdriness and pitiful attempts to inspire respect in his audiences.
The product tawdriness forced the CEO Tim Cook to render an apology and suggest customers to try using its rival's Maps app.
I have been to many major sporting events in Great Britain and Ireland and to low key events as well, and I can honestly say that, as an advert for greyhound racing, what purports to be its premier stadium outshines them all in its tawdriness and lack of welcome.
What bothered the heroes of Hemingway and Dos Passos--their postwar disillusionment, their subjection to random and awful violence, their frustration over corruption in public and private spaces, in short, the tawdriness of the age--troubled pulp heroes as well.
Although the guests take wanton pleasure in their brief respite from the stultifying squalor of daily life ("Dans cette chambre, quatre vingts personnes endimanchees, flanquees de bouquets et de rubans, toutes animees par l'esprit de la Courtille, le visage enflamme, dansaient comme si le monde allait finir" [1021]), the narrator is discomfited by the gritty tawdriness of it all, and in order to amuse himself, decides to indulge in his favorite pastime of imagining scenarios.
It was in that brief moment where you got a glimpse of what Madonna was all about: not the tawdriness or the controversy - although she's always been quite comfortable with either - but the sheer, unbridled joy.
That said, it's an awfully thin construct, and either too FX in its tawdriness or, alternately, not HBO enough in its execution.
Podhoretz is "repelled by Ginsberg's world" (35), whose physical "squalor" (40) is presented as an apt indication of its moral tawdriness. Podhoretz's admittedly "abnormal ...
The performance, however, emphasised his tawdriness in favouring an extended summer coffee over doing his job.
a culture centered [on] self-gratification, with comfort its highest aim; a high culture devoted to ugliness and degradation, and a mass culture marked by tawdriness and vulgarity; a loss of morals and a coarsening of manners, with notions of duty, self sacrifice, and restraint seen as anachronisms at best and tools of oppression at worst.
The prevailing reliance on surprise endings reinforced the supposed tawdriness of the genre by providing a literary cheap thrill for those uninterested in reading more aesthetically sophisticated, refined fiction by modernists Stephen Crane, Edith Wharton, Willa Cather, Sherwood Anderson, and William Faulkner.