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Disney, Cross and Walton argue, assuaged middle-class concerns about the tawdriness of amusement parks by reconstituting the experience in more respectable form.
During these same years, growing repugnance over the dehumanizing impacts of the new genetic technologies, techno-capitalist globalization, and the pervasive tawdriness and superficiality of the post-modern world helped fuel neo-traditionalist movements in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
But the homey 1612 Havenhurst apartment is also a dream-place in the sense that it is an impossible place, a wish-fulfillment, an intermediate space bridging the gap between the tawdriness of Diane's real apartment in Los Angeles and the inaccessible Olympian powers of the Hollywood Hills.
What we get rather is tidy quick-patch cliches about private demons and the lure of glitz in the closing chapters that really never probe the implications of a life that, like John Belushi or Sam Kinnison, flamed out shockingly early and with a tawdriness that cries for fuller analysis.
Indeed, the conviction that Canada's army has managed to transcend the tawdriness of mere war fighting has become in some quarters a measure of Canadian moral superiority, especially when contrasted to the armed forces of the bullying and bellicose Americans.
Beyond this room we enter a space housing a vast tableau that reconstructs a street in the red-light district of Amsterdam in all its tawdriness.
The high notes of his career have been played against a relentless undertone of tawdriness and apparent selfparody, of sarongs meant to soften his image and of gilt thrones meant to play up to his dubious investiture, along with Queen Posh, as 'pop royalty'.
Repositioning Hamlet in this kind of frame tends to show the relative tawdriness of the frame.
Rather, it lies in the formal pattern itself that exposes the tawdriness of cliched virtue, the demonic aspect of conventional mores, the perversion of grace in "respectable" people, and the seductive rationalizations of "intellectuals.
These critics condemned the church music of their own era, arguing that it had been corrupted by the aesthetics of the Enlightenment and the tawdriness of opera.
But I can only hope that whoever buys the house will recognize the dignity hidden away under all the tawdriness and restore it to its former self.
While some stories are sentimental, Almond also tackles the tawdriness and meanness of events of his youth, giving a complete picture of a young boy's childhood and family.
37) In James, the transpositional relation of the picturesque and the grotesque, and the elements of unnatural combination associated with the latter (OED), indeed his fervour for the surface picturesque in all its tawdriness, become meretricious tropes for signalling, rather than communicating, non-normative desires on moral holidays in the south.
Motorists and other road users need to concentrate on competent roadcraft and to be spared the distractions of such elevated tawdriness.
But tawdriness was better than tyranny: Coca-Cola might be bad, he said, but "not quite in the same league with [the Soviet labor camp] Kolyma.