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in a tastelessly garish manner

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As predicted in Hypothesis 2, participants were more likely to perceive the tawdrily sexualized athlete in terms of feminine stereotypes than they did the non-sexualized athlete.
When the athlete was tawdrily sexualized, participants perceived the higher status athlete (M = 3.25) as having fewer negative masculine personality characteristics than the lower status athlete (M = 3.86), F (1, 84) = 4.33, p = .04, MSE = .93.
Tory AM Alun Cairns said, 'To make the announcement in such a way adds insult to injury and shows how tawdrily and shamelessly the Labour Government has handled this matter.'
One Mrs Mopp, a famous bone-setter and mountebank, coming to town in a coach with six horses on the Kentish Road, was met by a rabble of people, who, seeing her very oddly and tawdrily dressed, took her for a foreigner, and concluded she must be a certain great person's mistress.
And this strategy proffers a timely challenge to the now tawdrily aggressive highly individualized commercialism of the academic marketplace.