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Burke is an unconventional woman for her time period, a tavern keeper on the Boston waterfront in 1765.
When he lost re-election in 1777 to a tavern keeper who had reportedly won votes with free drink bribes, Madison learned the valuable lesson that the candidate with the best intellectual and moral argument doesn't always win the election.
Thirteen-year-old Edward Warren "flew above the streets of Baltimore" in a tethered balloon owned by Baltimore attorney and tavern keeper, Peter Carnes.
All characters, excepting the female tavern keeper, are portrayed as a little less than intelligent.
Her father was a colourful man of broad Jewish culture and many loves and occupations - an author, tavern keeper and at one point a tram conductor in Budapest.
HA, Inc, that a tavern owner owes a duty to protect all customers from third-party assaults where (1) the tavern keeper knew or should have known about a disturbance, (2) enough time elapsed between the disturbance and the assault for the tavern keeper to take appropriate action, and (3) there was a connection between the disturbance and the assault.
In Halifax, sailors and soldiers spent their time on shore or on leave in the taverns of the city's high streets and, again, found work (if not already employed by the military) through the tavern keeper.
Besides having a line running through town in the 1830s, Sturbridge tavern keeper Cromwell Bullard was an agent for the Hartford & Worcester Stagecoach line and Silas Freeman, whose family farm is part of Old Sturbridge Village, was a stagecoach driver.
Both sides started well on a very heavy pitch and as the Smithy played some good football, tavern keeper Hill was called on to make a good save.
Tavern keeper Hill made a great save from Thompson and Duck hit the post before Nesbitt got forward with the wind behind him and hit a 20 yard shot into the top corner.
Later, the idea spread among tavern keepers, wine merchants, and even university colleges.
Until the late 1800s when commercial production began to spread across Europe, slivovitz was mostly prepared in small batches, by home brewers and village tavern keepers, leading to regional nuances based on the type of plum available and the length and quality of the fermentation and distillation processes, At first.
She shows that in the Chesapeake, perhaps unlike in other colonies where poorer women were tavern keepers, women of the middling and upper classes ran taverns.
Now, instead of blaming devious dukes, deluded tavern keepers and crafty (so to speak) freemasons, we have a new trinity of conspirators: WikiLeaks, "social media" and Al-Jazeera.
Just over half of the book examines the regulation of taverns, the tavern keepers, and the customers in order to explain this complex, diverse environment.