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(logic) a statement that is necessarily true

useless repetition

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Proposition 5: Given the expected excess rate of return vector R-r and non-singular covariance matrix [OMEGA] between the risky securities returns, CAPM is a tautology if and only if the market portfolio [[omega].
Nevertheless, what interested us here is not the anthropological perspective, used in television, but the implications of the second item from above, of the tautology display-reality, namely duplication of reality.
There is a numerous class of readers who imagine that the same words cannot be repeated without tautology; this is a great error: virtual tautology is much oftener produced by using different words when the meaning is the same.
It unpacks the tautology that in a society which is hostile to unions, workers will be disinclined to join unions and/or will be hostile to their existence.
One of the biggest bugbears is tautology, when two words with the same or similar meaning are put together, making one redundant.
The term "conscious sedation", which is much beloved by gastroenterologists and others, is to me an irritating tautology because its converse, "unconscious sedation", is obviously an oxymoron.
Survival of the fittest" can avoid tautology if fitness is defined in terms of probabilities.
We must hope that John McCain is not denying a holocaust that is occurring today by using some elusive tautology to cover up the responsibility in which he shares.
A term (and/or tree) is a simple tautology if up to commutativity and associativity it is equal to x [disjunction] [bar.
Specific topics include: Boolean functions represented as cubes and tautology in combinational logic circuit design; counters; and VHDL coding for computer-aided synthesis of combinational logic circuits as well as sequential and fundamental mode non-synchronous sequential circuits, among other topics.
It may be a tautology to say that the Holy Roman Empire is different than other places, but this chapter helps one grasp the ways in which the Holy Roman Empire really was different than, say, England.
Look at that place there," growled Bob, pointing to another wrecked, fine old building on our right with a classic piece of tautology emblazoned across its windows: "This is an eyesore," it says.
It's a make-believe story, based on a theory that is a tautology, with no proof in the scientist's laboratory or the fossil record--and that's after 150 years of very determined looking.
Indeed, the genealogy of legitimating the Iraqi electoral process might serve in the future as a particularly vivid example of how the "law of the mightiest" was being turned into national law via becoming the "law of nations" (this formulation is of course a tautology since the latter is ultimately, just the institutionalised expression of the former).
The same vapid bureaucratic tautology that made Zacarias Moussaoui unimportant because he was not known to be important still holds sway.