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Synonyms for tautological

characterized by repetition and excessive wordiness

Synonyms for tautological

repetition of same sense in different words

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It is difficult to comprehend why the well-established observation that Katz is tautological is not itself sufficient to lay Katz to rest.
i] is the rank i tautological bundle given by the ith flag.
Indeed, a full third of the Old Testament books may be properly considered poetry, rendering the poeta divinus a nearly superfluous or tautological redundancy.
He hit a tautological nadir when he said it was "widely reported that drones are being used in drone strikes".
Kurdish is still treated as a secondary, ancillary, superfluous language in tautological sense.
Her explanation of why major art museums remain conservative and reinforce rather than disrupt stereotypes becomes somewhat tautological.
He then found tautological nirvana as he said 'to try and coin a cliche, football is a funny old game', and then got lost as to whether he was referring to Spain, Italy or Ireland.
Though surely the term "speculative fiction" is tautological.
The fact that one can always run a new experiment means that it is never tautological to modify the model in ways suggested by the results of the last experiment.
The tautological answer is that unfairness to herself and others makes her indignant and wishful to punish it, therefore she will do what she would rather do and punish it albeit at a cost.
Diverting further from tautological structural-functionalism, Aspers describes the formation of the rules of the market both in organized coordination and in spontaneous (symbolic) interaction.
Such phrases are used so frequently that we can easily forget that they're tautological.
But we have to assume that Westwood really did say he had been "slaughtered" by Aidy Boothroyd, "attacked in the press" and "slated in the papers every day" - and whichever of those tautological bleats you select, he's spouting self-delusional clap-trap.
Such a "definition" is no definition at all, but a tautological statement that would give legal cover to individuals to "express" themselves however they see fit.
In that sense, Donald Rumsfeld's much-derided "unknown unknowns" are symptomatic of an important change rather than simply a tautological coinage.