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Synonyms for tautological

characterized by repetition and excessive wordiness

Synonyms for tautological

repetition of same sense in different words

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The author cites the article as representative of academic research that is of little use to practitioners, but that is where his tautological (and flawed) reasoning appears.
Many other homilies Yadin-Israel brands as vacuous, tautological, or meaningless turn out not to be so.
Thus, the argument that "Islamic doctrine is perfect" is tautological, on the logical model of the analytical (as distinct from synthetic) statement: "Islamic doctrine" entails "is perfect.
That year, Jonas used a Brothers Grimm tale as the basis for The Juniper Tree, a move that signaled a turn from such reflexive, almost tautological pieces as Mirror Check, 1970, to a way of working in which reflexivity enters an expanded field encompassing narrative structures derived from fairy tales, legends, sagas, and other forms of traditional (often oral) storytelling.
Over the past 40 years he has been systematically engaged with the notion of representation and tautological paintings.
to intuitionistic set (set incompletely known), paraconsistent set, dialetheist set, faillibilist set (each element has a percentage of indeterminacy), paradoxist set (an element may belong and may not belong in the same time to the set), pseudoparadoxist set, and tautological set respectively.
Sadly for the heir to the Congress throne, his maiden foray was a virtual disaster, with his wooden countenance and tautological replies projecting him in poor light.
Lessing argues that the propositions of the Old Testament are pseudopropositions, or why they do not resemble the significant propositions of natural science but the tautological propositions of mathematics and of logic.
Of course, there's a correlation--and a tautological fallacy.
He then found tautological nirvana as he said 'to try and coin a cliche, football is a funny old game', and then got lost as to whether he was referring to Spain, Italy or Ireland.
Finally, Joseph Kosuth is represented with an early tautological piece in neon in which the words we are seeing constitute the actuality of what is being read.
Second, acknowledging that it is wrong to hold a person responsible for what he had no power to affect requires no commitment to natural law--the argument is simply tautological.
Though surely the term "speculative fiction" is tautological.
Diverting further from tautological structural-functionalism, Aspers describes the formation of the rules of the market both in organized coordination and in spontaneous (symbolic) interaction.
Taking issue with the tautological teleology offered by Siegfried Kracauer in his famous survey of Weimar cinema, From Caligari to Hitler (1947), Kaes places the films within what he calls their "original habitat" (6), the multiple discursive fields that impacted their production, distribution, and reception, showing the manifold and often conflicting meanings these films had for diverse audiences.