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Synonyms for tautness

the physical condition of being stretched or strained

lack of movement or room for movement

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However, not recognizing her contribution to Hollywood cinema, the haters took to social media and made fun of all the cosmetic procedures she has gone through to maintain the tautness of her skin.
The transition is signaled as early as the second song, "All Fall Down,'' which maintains a sense of tautness, a feeling that the music is set to snap at any moment .
Although we are spending less time in 2013 chasing down the supply of key raw materials than we did two or three years ago, the continuing tautness of the raw material supply chain remains a serious concern to Sun Chemical," Mr.
paragraph] In fact, regulators are more likely to come to town to ensure that the plates are spinning at the proper speed, the monkeys are balanced securely and the high wire is set at the proper tautness.
Skin is also variable in terms of anatomical location, underlying muscle tissue and fat, curvature, tautness or adherence to underlying tissues.
The younger Lawson now moves deftly between stretchers using a Newton meter to measure the tautness of the mesh pulled over the frames.
Use before a night out to give skin a tautness and smoothness.
A trial among 60 women over one month found that 71% noticed an improvement in tautness.
Excessive tautness and fascial adhesions within these tissues restrict the tissue's ability to lengthen and can result in passive tension that does not allow for posture or motion in the opposite direction.
It went exactly where it was pointed and rode with w the right amount of suppleness to be comfortable but with enough tautness not to wallow.
The withdrawn darkness at the very start quickly opened out thrillingly to reveal her total command and tautness of control.
Penta Vaccine is essential for infants to prevent them suffering from jaundice, tautness, whopping cough, pneumonia, typhoid and other diseases.
It went exactly where it was pointed and rode with enough suppleness to be comfortable but with enough tautness not to wallow.
Shade Systems "Sails" feature a signature one-point stainless steel attachment system at each canopy's connection point, eliminating the messy and confusing cables found on others' products which need to be threaded and clamped to achieve tautness.