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Synonyms for tauntingly

in a playfully teasing manner


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To build a better version, chemists would need to translate a series of tauntingly simple stick-figure diagrams into actual chemistry, coming up with chemical reactions to attach and rejigger dozens of atomic parts.
The principal opposition party has cited several emails to prove that Swaraj had blatantly favored Lalit Modi and demanded an explanation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi tauntingly asking whether Modi (Narendra) was helping Modi (Lalit).
she tauntingly asks the lady, when she sees her husband languishing in an asylum racked by riotous shrieks and shouting (9:203).
In the 1980's, late Kurmi leader Sone Lal Patel would tauntingly tell members of his clan at all his closed door meetings, "Look at the Yadavs.
It wasn't even the ironic 'Go Slow' signs staring tauntingly at me along the highway that induced my rage.
But it seems better to take it literally: Hippomedon sits tauntingly halfway in the water to show its powerlessness.
Some members of the Canadian media contingent thought television replays showed Gallagher tauntingly telling Iginla "I own you.
Not only he tauntingly reminded Nawaz that Kashmir was India's part and parcel.
The transience of everything is what becomes so tantalizing and tauntingly real throughout the poem.
The main painting, featured on the poster for the exhibition, tauntingly sticks out her tongue to the viewers.
Tauntingly hung round his neck, the once cavalier Kingslayer seems to have had the spirit sucked out of him.
In one case, the Trickster is deceived into eating a talking laxative plant, which tauntingly warns him of the consequences in store for him.
As MDh tauntingly puts it above, "even weak husbands strive to guard their wives.
Chief Big Eagle remembered, "Now he was lying on the ground dead, With his mouth stuffed full of grass, and the Indians were saying tauntingly, 'Myrick is eating grass himself.