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Synonyms for taunting

aggravation by deriding or mocking or criticizing

abusing vocally

References in classic literature ?
The great beast stopped and, turning, eyed the taunting figure above her.
The panther rose to a sitting position, his bared fangs but a few feet from the ape-man's taunting face.
There was a thud below him as the baffled cat fell back to earth, and then Tarzan of the Apes, drawing his dinner farther up to the safety of a higher limb, looked down with grinning face into the gleaming yellow eyes of the other wild beast that glared up at him from beneath, and with taunting insults flaunted the tender carcass of his kill in the face of him whom he had cheated of it.
Angry, threatening, hungry, he paced back and forth beneath the taunting ape-man.
Some day her passion would leap up, she would tell him, they would be face to face, injured man and taunting woman.
They came to a stand a short distance away and yelled taunting oaths at the boy with the chronic sneer.
But suddenly, as her dilated, frightened eyes gazed out over the audience, she saw Gilbert Blythe away at the back of the room, bending forward with a smile on his face--a smile which seemed to Anne at once triumphant and taunting.
25-31) So said he: but the master chid him with taunting words: `Madman, mark the wind and help hoist sail on the ship: catch all the sheets.
Which no doubt you would have been devilish sorry to do,' said Squeers in a taunting fashion.
Graham,' returned I, dropping at once my tone of taunting sarcasm.
There had been other times, too, when Tublat had swung helplessly in midair, the noose tightening about his neck, death staring him in the face, and little Tarzan dancing upon a near-by limb, taunting him and making unseemly grimaces.
As he looked around at the inhuman landscape of trees, with taunting and almost obscene outlines, he could almost fancy he was Dante, and the priest with the rivulet of a voice was, indeed, a Virgil leading him through a land of eternal sins.
Anyhow, I heard Purvis taunting him with it, and threatening him with the breakwater at Capetown; and I begin to think our friends are friend and foe.
As the wife of the squatter concluded, she raised a hollow, taunting laugh, that was echoed from the mouths of several juvenile imitators, whom she was training to a life as shiftless and lawless as her own; but which, notwithstanding its uncertainty, was not without its secret charms.
I imagine with his training and experience he would have gone to his target who was taunting him.