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the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet

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In addition, if the muon and tau leptons are excited states of the electron derivable from (25), this would imply that the neutrino portion would also be specific to the muon and tau lepton excited states, thus leading to muon and tau neutrinos.
Tau leptons are copiously produced in the LHC accelerator, mainly via B and D decays and, to a much lesser extent, via W and [Z.sup.0] decays.
Tau leptons were produced mainly by the leptonic [D.sup.-.sub.s] [right arrow] [[tau].sup.-][[bar.v].sub.[tau]] decay.
Then, to learn more about BSM physics, one needs to combine results coming from experiments which explore different CLFV channels, as [mu] [right arrow] e[gamma], [mu] [right arrow] eee, [[mu].sup.-] A [right arrow] [e.sup.-] A conversion and tau lepton flavour violating decays.
The tau lepton is in principle a very promising source of CLFV decays.