tau cross

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cross resembling the Greek letter tau

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The ta became associated with St Anthony, and Mayo's tau cross may have represented a continuing connection with Antonihospitals, which devoted themsmostly to the treatmethe disease known St Anthony's fire, oignis sacer".
The Alcester Tau Cross, which belongs to the British Museum, has gone on display at the Warwickshire Museum in Warwick.
Originally conceived by Brother Elias, the double church and tomb were to be built in the shape of the tau cross, the biblical sign of salvation so dear to St.
The round tower and Tau cross are still very much visible, even though the modern age has somewhat caught up with the tower, now just bypassed by the telephone wires which provide the islanders with necessary links to the mainland.
Andrew's cross, the crux decussata, is shaped like an X; the tau cross, or crux commissa, is very ancient, a T shape, thought to have been originally a phallic emblem.