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a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

a design on the skin made by tattooing

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the practice of making a design on the skin by pricking and staining

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stain (skin) with indelible color

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Blamed if the king didn't have to brace up mighty quick, or he'd a squshed down like a bluff bank that the river has cut under, it took him so sudden; and, mind you, it was a thing that was calculated to make most ANYBODY sqush to get fetched such a solid one as that without any notice, because how was HE going to know what was tattooed on the man?
YES, sir, I k'n tell you what's tattooed on his breast.
The women are tattooed in the same manner as the men, and very commonly on their fingers.
The Tahitians, with their naked, tattooed bodies, their heads ornamented with flowers, and seen in the dark shade of these groves, would have formed a fine picture of man inhabiting some primeval land.
Jennylyn Mercado learned how to apply tattoos recently, with her first client being none other than her longtime boyfriend Dennis Trillo.
As tattoos grow in popularity each year, it makes sense that most Christians wonder what the Bible has to say about tattoos.
If you have a lot of visible tattoos, they can prove to be something of an issue in some lines of work, with many employers requiring them to be hidden at all times.
Whether you have tattoos from your head to your toes or don't have one drop of ink under your skin, the Cyprus International Tattoo Convention is an event everyone should experience at least once.
"Tattoos are more acceptable now than they used to be, but throat and face tattoos are still seen as more extreme.
"Tattoos are generally a lot more acceptable now than they used to be but throat and face tattoos are still seen as more extreme and workplaces are mostly against them.
Thousands of years before tattoos were defined, the way people currently know them, prehistoric humans found their own way of being inked in what, nowadays, seems to be astonishing.
One of the points Derryth and her colleagues make is that all kinds of people had tattoos before Amy Winehouse and David Beckham.
'I wasn't really an Amuro fan but I thought her tattoos were cute,' said the 29-year-old.
In developed economies, celebrity, athletes and even motivation speakers are getting tattoos. Similarly, in America, around 45 million people are getting tattoos and around 30% of them are young people aged between 18 to 25 years.