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a drumbeat or bugle call that signals the military to return to their quarters

a design on the skin made by tattooing

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the practice of making a design on the skin by pricking and staining

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stain (skin) with indelible color

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ROOMS without wash basins, and about 60 used needles scattered in an alleyway of a home where illegal Middlesbrough tattooist Tony Learmount inked his clients.
You may hear your teen talking about unregistered tattooists called "scratchers".
"I've been getting tattoos for over 27 years now and I regret a lot of what I have from when I was younger," admits celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul, speaking at the launch of the new Nivea Men Body Shaving range.
When Meg was 16, women tattooists were "unheard of".
A certain skill-set is need to be a good tattooist, starting with artistic flair and talent.
A PAPHOS tattooist is offering 'Manchester bee' tattoos for those wanting to remember the victims of the Manchester bombing with a permanent inking.
All the active tattooists, who were members of the French Tattoo Union (Syndicat National des Artistes Tatoueurs--SNAT), were invited by e-mail to take part in the Internet study regarding their health and their professional activity.
She said: "These illegal tattooists reuse needles, which can spread hepatitis C, and we have raided parlours which tattoo 15-year-old lads and vulnerable children.
The team of tattooists also meet several people whose lives have been affected by cancer.
"And when I first opened my studio in Whitley Bay I think there may have been four studios total in the Newcastle and Tyneside area, but now, well I lost count after 30 studios and there may even be as many as 50 - with easy a 100 tattooists and counting in the North East.
Doctors in South Korea have been fronting a campaign that tattooists are putting public health at risk.
All licensed tattooists must display their license and if you can't see it, ask them why not.
The majority of calls were anonymous but some reported tattooists working from their own homes using low-quality kits often bought off websites like eBay.
At present, tattooists just need to be licensed with their local authority and are inspected under the Health and Safety at Work Act, which covers issues such as cross contamination and the disposal of needles.
Bringing nearly 150 international tattooists together, the large-scale event was organised by Liverpool studio - Design 4 Life.