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Synonyms for tatter

torn and ragged clothing


Synonyms for tatter

a small piece of cloth or paper

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Stressform fear carbon & tatter Minerals pushed up from the sea
Tatter co-chief executive Chang-Won Kim announced the deal on his personal blog in an entry titled "We ve been Googled
Shadow Minister for Early Years Tulip Sidiq said: "Their election promise lies in tatters.
Circuit of Wales project in tatters after Welsh Government confirms it cannot provide a guarantee for PS357m SO an opportunity for jobs in an area where they are needed is left in tatters
Meanwhile, Jimmi and Heather's new relationship is in tatters when he discovers she's betrayed him.
Americans have set a course for confrontation," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters after the US president said sanctions against Moscow over Ukraine had left the Russian economy in tatters.
ELGIN chairman Graham Tatters admits he hopes to have a new manager in place before Tuesday's visit of League Two leaders Arbroath.
His new film, Rags and Tatters, takes a look at the fallout of that very same revolution.
As for Sam, his Christmas plans are in tatters when Megan sacks him.
Rags and Tatters will be in cinemas for another week
Around 750 of them made the trip to Tatters Field (the crowd was 1,725)and each one vouched for Huddersfield's right to be considered among the favourites to make the Second Division the following year.
Summary: Carlos Tevez's plans to leave Manchester City are in tatters after Corinthians pulled the plug on his Au40 million move.
Coming out fighting is one thing, but coming out fighting when your credibility is in tatters, is another altogether.
The coalition said in a joint statement that the Government's Heathrow policy "is in tatters this morning".
Chris Tatters, 30, from Sunderland was in the Army for seven years.