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Synonyms for tat

tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar

a projective technique using black-and-white pictures

make lacework by knotting or looping

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2 reveals the impact on TAT of longer (shorter) distances required to refer samples for testing elsewhere; the monthly mean TOTAL-TAT for Pixley ka Seme before implementation ranged from 12 to 38 hours (the majority of samples were referred from the De Aar laboratory to the Kimberley laboratory for testing).
To assess what component of TAT contributed to TOTAL-TAT, the various components of TAT were assessed including PRE-LAB (pre-analytical), IN-LAB and RVW-TAT (both analytical), before (pre-) and after (post-) implementation (Fig.
While also used in non-Jewish Tat dialects described by Grjunberg, Judeo-Tat seems to have further developed this preposition to function as the genitive marker in lieu of the original idafa; cf.
Like most other modern Iranian languages, Tat builds its verb system on a binary set of verb stems, conventionally known as the present stem and past stem.
Days of the week: pre- and post-Lean positive culture TATs Day Pre-Lean Average TAT POST-Lean Average TAT Monday 4.
1995) evaluated general educators' satisfaction with the perceived purposes of TATs within 28 randomly sampled elementary schools.
This change tells the software that all tests have been completed on a sample, triggering the log file to capture the TAT for the exiting sample.
5%) the specimens were collected by laboratory personnel and these had the fastest TATs.
We don't think Tat is just another player in the immunosuppression [caused by HIV], we think it's the key player," says David I.
Testing volumes from the EDs in smaller hospitals are much lower than larger university settings, but TATs are typically monitored in the same way.
Five views of the data are possible: the range of TATs (from the minimum to the 95th percentile time), average times, mode TATs, percentages of goal, and average lateness.
Histograms were developed from the collected data to demonstrate the ideal and minimal acceptable TATs for arterial blood gases.
Prothrombin time, for example, had the fastest TAT (2 hours) in the 1980 survey.
Giving individuals monthly reports of personal TATs on which, if they were good, they received a star and, if they were bad, they received comments.
The recombinant protein was the fusion of hCuZn-SOD (SOD1) and cell-penetrating peptide derived from HIV-1 TAT protein transduction domain TAT (YGRKKRRQRRR).