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Synonyms for tasting

a small amount (especially of food or wine)

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a kind of sensing


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taking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality

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In the spirit of giving and helping others, Party at My Place Tastings & Events begins its new business venture with fundraising tasting parties as its primary focus.
If the mice with the missing proteins reacted differently to metal than normal mice, then the scientists would know that the missing proteins must be involved in tasting metal.
Sponsors of a product tasting should look at several issues that may or may not be specifically addressed in their state's laws, as well as any administrative policies set by state regulatory agencies that may supplement the laws.
The group, which calls itself Cheers and meets every Friday at Oliva restaurant in Sherman Oaks, gathered for a protest tasting last week at the Studio City home of attorney Hugh Lipton.
After tasting the sample, 64 percent stated they either liked or liked very much the irradiated meat.
After each tasting, Griffiths asked a volunteer to identify the mystery drink: Is it "A" or is it "B"?
When other researchers pinpointed a region of the human genome where the gene for PROP tasting lies, the NIH-UCSD group examined the area's DNA sequence.
At least that's what we decided after tasting dozens of no-fat cheeses for this article.
While some people adore these beefy tasting burgers, others describe them as "too weird" and would rather eat a delicious grain or vegetable-based patty that doesn't try to taste like anything other than what it is.
Bring all these lovers of brew together and you have the constituents needed for a beer tasting party.
The winery tasting rooms are often housed in working buildings, with cracked concrete floors and oak barrels stacked along the walls, red wine staining the stave cracks.
Zuker's and Ryba's groups analyzed genetic activity in cells from the front of the tongue, where taste buds abound, and in cells from an area at the back of the tongue not involved in tasting.
Still, while describing what we smell and taste in a wine is not a precise science, there are prescribed steps to tasting.
The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance 2007 Grand Tasting Tour visits Boston, on Thursday, March 29.
On June 10, a 1998 Bordeaux Tasting Dinner will feature eight seasonal, French-inspired courses ($115 per person).