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It has shown people that they can eat well - healthily and tastily - and don't have to give up the good things in life," added King.
King added: "It has shown people that they can eat well - healthily and tastily - and don't have to give up the good things in life.
And if, for some strange reason, you don't have any self-caught fish at all, tilapia fillets from the neighborhood supermarket will serve quite tastily.
All the garnishes were very tastily prepared and seasoned.
SALLY Bee firmly believes in eating healthily - and tastily.
A sprinkling of Parmesan, freshly grated tableside, added extra flavor and flair to the tastily seasoned, unsurpassed mixture.
Tastily decked out, not just in bits of bamboo and straw, but beautiful, handpainted murals and duo-stained wood fittings, Little Saigon has built up a loyal following since opening early last year, securing it the top title in this year's North East Restaurant Awards.
The restaurant has been very tastily decked out, not just bits of bamboo and straw but beautiful hand-painted murals and duo-stained wood fittings, making for cosy but vibrant surroundings.
Sushi is their favourite dish, tastily low-cal and reasonably priced from about pounds 7.
The well-informed chapters in this book actually do make tastily brief, good reads that should be very useful in Pacific historiography seminars, or in the rocking chairs of people like me, who enjoy reflecting on past presents as well as present pasts, and who share that curiosity about where we have come from as well as where we are going.
Raitt likewise breaks no new ground on this album, but a new collection of soul strutters and blues blasters, tastily punctuated with her signature, searing slide guitar, is more than enough.
They range from the tastily traditional--such as the artisan cheeses lovingly handmade by people who are less manufacturers than they are craftsmen--to the mind-bogglingly modern, such as the now ubiquitous 'little bottles' that purport to cure all manner of ills.
Masha tastily fed Ivan', VKUSNO becomes a circumstantial of KORMIT' '[to] feed' = '[to] cause to eat', continuing semantically to characterize 'food'.
Haunting language (occasionally self-indulgently so) and touches of magical realism create a tastily creepy tale.
Manufactured in the Far East to guarantee authenticity and consistency, Fairway has selected an unusual pastry which enables the Potstickers to be tastily deep fried rather than steamed.