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Synonyms for tasteless

Synonyms for tasteless

Antonyms for tasteless

lacking flavor

lacking aesthetic or social taste


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"Not only is this tasteless, but it could have been very distressing to those affected by the bomb if they had seen this pop up on their social media feeds."
Labour Transport spokesman Colin Smyth said: "This is a crass and tasteless remark from Ian Blackford, who seems so desperate to grab a headline he has forgotten that Abellio was handed its contract by the SNP.
"I think it's more than tasteless that some press try to make an insulting headline by exploiting President Juncker's pain," Schinas said told a daily news briefing, dismissing any suggestion that Juncker was suffering the effects of drink.
"Have you any apology to make to those victims and survivors deeply hurt by your antics?" TUV leader Jim Allister branded the video "tasteless beyond belief ".
The 40-year-old actor, famous for his roles in 'Dunkirk' and 'The Dark Knight Rises', has offended locals by erecting a wood burning stove flue which they find "tasteless", according to The Telegraph.
Summary: The actor who played Khal Drogo in the show said he made a "tasteless comment"
LABOUR'S Chi Onwurah refused to apologise after sparking a storm with a "tasteless" tweet about Prince Philip.
ANEWCASTLE Labour candidate attacked for a "tasteless" tweet about Prince Philip has defended her comments.
This recipe is nothing to do with the recent resurgence of the courgette as a superfood.It's more about what makes them so wonderfully tasteless - all that moisture.
But who wants soggy, tasteless strawberries that go off in a day because they're sprayed, frozen, gassed and flown thousand of miles before leaking their juices all over the supermarket fruit and veg section?
The bread was tough and tasteless, the chopped tomatoes on top cold and even more tasteless - as if everything had spent six hours in a chiller.
New York, NY, July 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- For generations, children have enjoyed playing police officers and soldiers -- And now they can play NSA Agents with the NSA Junior Spy Ear Listening Device from Tasteless.com.
Later Darren Williams, an official of the Public and Commercial Services civil servants' union, issued an unreserved apology after being criticised for his "beyond tasteless" comment.