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Synonyms for tasteless

Synonyms for tasteless

Antonyms for tasteless

lacking flavor

lacking aesthetic or social taste


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Last night Mr Williams issued a statement responding to the criticism which said: "This was clearly a facetious remark, albeit a tasteless one.
Without a full-time marketing manager everyone else has jumped in, pirating commercial and often tasteless knick-knacks.
I don't know how tasteless our jokes were, but we would have laughed at anything.
Current frontline fare such as pasta bolognese, paella and tomato noodles is pre-cooked in Britain BEFORE it is poured into vacuum packs, and is often criticised as bland and tasteless.
She added: "In the very same week that the shocking news came out about the abuse case in Austria where a woman was incarcerated by her father, this was tasteless in the extreme.
Anyone serving up tasteless or sub-standard food would be warned and threatened with closure if the standard did not improve.
We added an SDC product to our RV Series because it complements our existing line of innovative and time-saving products for RV after-market customers, and we believe they will welcome this non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, and chlorine-free product as a superior alternative to typical unpleasant chemical treatments.
The promised ``fresh'' vegetables appear watery and tasteless.
Since carbon monoxide is odorless and tasteless, it is impossible to detect it without a CO alarm.
After tasting a tasteless Sunkist orange on Black Friday morning, I returned the bag of Sunkist oranges to the store where I had bought them on sale on Wednesday.
Some architecture, like that of the MacMansions, are tasteless," Papadatos said, "and attract owners with similar characteristics.
One questions the value system of the Muslims who engaged in demonstrations and embassy-burnings that were a response to a tasteless cartoon.
Brazen, often tasteless and silly, but clever and frequently laugh-out-loud funny.
BURGERS and pork pies could become healthier by adding a tasteless but fibre-rich extract from seaweed, scientists from the University of Newcastle have claimed.
Sung to the tune of "We Are the World," the song included tasteless lines like "There were Africans drowning, little Chinamen swept away.