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Synonyms for tasteful

Synonyms for tasteful

showing good taste

not showy or obtrusive

Synonyms for tasteful

having or showing or conforming to good taste


free from what is tawdry or unbecoming


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StoryClip products allow funeral homes to build strong emotional bonds with their clients, families and guests, as well as improve their ability to market their funeral services in a thoughtful, tasteful manner.
I think if we just remain deeply tasteful and just put deeply tasteful people on the cover, it would be a rather boring magazine.
We are so excited and honored to partner with Tasteful Selections," says Katie Stagliano, founder and chief executive gardener.
TASTEFUL DESIGNS: Inside the Lythe showhome at Yuill's Westfields site
Tasteful commentary covers the shunning of Diana by the royal family and Diana's increasing fame after her death.
is an amazing collection of the most tasteful and delightful brownie recipes drawn from her years of experience by Bev Shaffer.
Most of these new structures are tasteful and blend in with the natural area around them.
PROPERTY experts the Venmore Partnership are advising people looking to sell their houses over the Christmas period to pack up the plastic Santas and keep it stylish and tasteful.
In addition to natural light, top-of-the-line materials and tasteful furnishings that reflect regional character, dramatic views of the Boston Harbor complete the experience for visitors.
Made of what the artist lists as "dominant cinema notes," "neo-plastic memories," and "meta-allegory of architecture as body," as well as the more easily discernable wood, vinyl, resin, glue, and aforementioned balls (actually smoke bombs), these outwardly tasteful yet somehow troubling maquettes reveal Sanchez's penchant for churning up logic and blurring fantasy, paranoia, and reality.
A separate bed chamber features a huge four-poster bed with upgraded bedding, big thick pillows, chenille throws, tasteful accent lamps, historic prints and top quality night tables and accessories, that guarantee a guest deep comfort every night.
It probably helps that Spooner's shirt pays homage to the beatified priest in a tasteful and respectful way, whereas Victoria's Secret bikini "strategically" placed the Buddha on sensitive areas of the female anatomy.
His personality and tasteful approach is a natural match for Boston Ballet.
I] am sending it out to chums of course (especially Genevieve Bujold), and I can never thank you enough for the immensely tasteful way you did it.
The songs, ten of which were composed by Curtis, are acoustically based and rich in melody, with Curtis's appealing baritone topping off some tasteful instrumental arrangements.