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someone who popularizes a new fashion

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For years, [this festival] has been the arbiter of innovation and the ultimate taste-maker for creativity and inspiration," said Ranvir Gujral, Co-founder of Chute.
Well in advance of the now imminent release of their debut album "The Rumor," Mesa, Arizona's Before Braille drew raves from the taste-maker alternative rock press for their Spring '02, self-titled, promo-only EP on Aezra Records, which is distributed through Liquid 8/BMG.
For years SXSW has been the arbiter of innovation and the ultimate taste-maker for creativity and inspiration," said Ranvir Gujral, Co-founder of Chute.
As well as being one of the top underground DJs and a real taste-maker in music, Jon Carter is also well known as a gold medallist in the partying Olympics.
The Vixely portfolio of digital products allows its users to visually experience interactive media curated by experts and taste-maker peers that is tailored, relevant and reflects real life experiences and discussions with friends.
Discovery and sharing is made into a social game as users compete to become the taste-maker, or "The Maven," of product categories.
Not only are we further establishing ourselves as a comedy taste-maker, we're creating more value for the comics we work with.
The dresses were simple, fine and feminine, with a modern touch that renewed the look and spirit of the design, conjuring up the spirit of the elegant taste-makers from Egypt's heyday, like Faten Hamama and Laila Fawzy, and internationally, recalling the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.
BEST BUY TASTE-MAKERS will know that gin is very much in these days and this special limited edition release Bloom Premium London Dry Gin, would make a great gift PS22 reduced from PS24, 70cl, Waitrose, Sainsbury's and Booths, pictured right).
Apple spokesman Adam Howarth said: "Zane is one of the foremost music taste-makers in the world and a legendary music curator.
Downtown is seeing a huge migration of taste-makers, with coffee companies and serial restaurateurs opening roasteries, delis and incredibly designed eateries, so we knew it was time to embark on this part of the city," said Alex Matthews, co-founder and CEO, Juice Served Here.
The magazine will continue to deliver inspirational and informative content about travel, destinations and trip experiences, while introducing more compelling imagery, authentic stories and authoritative advice from travel writers, taste-makers and local experts.
The gala and auction will bring together the region's taste-makers, art enthusiasts and business leaders for an elegant night of cocktails, dinner in the museum's Stoddard Garden Court, live and silent auctions, period entertainment and a dance party featuring live music by the band Legit.
Romance Buskers, May 31 and Glasgow, on may be non-existent but career-wise they are on the lips of most taste-makers - though Fraser is quick to kick that kind of talk into touch.