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someone who samples food or drink for its quality

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To be in with a chance of being our chosen taste tester just tell us location of the Broomside Park Restaurant.
Haagen-Dazs today begins a competition to find someone with the passion, enthusiasm and taste buds to become a volunteer taste tester.
For its size there simply aren't that many places to choose from, and a seasoned Taste Tester frequenting the same haunts simply isn't the done thing.
Matthew Charles Mullenweg, founder, primary developer, and chief BBQ taste tester of Automattic, Inc.
AS a taste tester, I often get asked to recommend places to dine at.
The Thrillist Taste Tester: Clean your palate and sharpen your adjectives as you step into the culinary critic world and contribute to Thrillist as a guest taste tester for two months, and host your own tasting event at the end of the summer.
And dad Jason gets involved too, whether that's joining them in the kitchen or simply as chief taste tester.
It had to be a main course and dessert and be something most children would like - with 10-year-old Kevin Hamilton acting as our taste tester.
We agreed the meal, on the whole, had been very impressive, with the performance of the staff undoubtedly enhancing our enjoyment, and it's not often in my 15 years as a Taste Tester we have been so struck.
Self-nominated taste tester, chemistry graduate Rich Pelley, 29, was given the onerous task of testing a shortlist of the final 50.
As the official taste tester and ambassador for Oakland-based Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream, founded in 1929, he has what many would consider a plum of a job.
My claim to need to taste a bit as a taste tester was rudely ignored but it was described as "delicious and then some".
Taste Tester Corn Jalapeno Dip - This zesty dip deserves a fiesta.
With dad in tow as my taste tester, we arrived just before noon to find the cafe already bustling.