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5 million euros was spent on developing the unique blend of natural fruits and botanicals designed to mimic the kick of 30% ABV drinks, creating a tingling taste sensation.
It is a cinematic visualisation of the product's journey, highlighting the product's USP - its refreshing and surprising tingling taste sensation.
Pepper works well, and with a hint of lime wrapped in white chocolate it really is a taste sensation and makes your taste buds come alive, so I called it the Strawberry Sensation.
Perfectly cooked fresh fish is a true taste sensation,'' says Napa Valley-based Hugh Carpenter in ``Fast Fish,'' written with his photographer wife, Teri Sandison.
When they're done, add some salt and pepper, and some tamari sauce or balsamic vinegar for a light and healthy taste sensation.
IF YOU KNEW SUSHI: For a new taste sensation, try Vela, a Japanese sushi restaurant with South American flavors.
Little is known about the cause, although some recent studies suggest that dysfunction in the eranial nerves associated with taste sensation may be involved.
Kashi Company brings natural cereals to an all-new taste sensation level with the introduction of Kashi Good Friends Cinna-Raisin Crunch cereal.
Nescafe Black Gold is the new taste sensation in black.
The time-honored appeal of ice cream, besides its cooling effect, is its "feel"--the smooth, creamy taste sensation that its high butterfat content provides (as much as 20 percent butterfat in some of the highly touted, high-priced brands).
Throughout the aging period, there are three different varieties identified as the pinnacle flavour stages: fino, maturo and forte, each one offering a unique Italian taste sensation.
SOLIHULL is gearing up for a taste sensation as the town's restaurants, pubs and bars get ready for a food festival.
The authors suggest that this blunted ability to distinguish all five tastes of bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and umami (savoury) may prompt them to eat larger quantities of food in a bid to register the same taste sensation.
Try one of these three aces for a taste sensation your friends will love.
100 Words for Foodies is not a typical recipe compendium (though it does include a handful of recipes such as "Turkish White Bean Wrap Sandwiches" and "Edamame and Spinach with Golden Onions")--instead, it defines one hundred terms that any aspiring chef or gourmet should know, from "bruschettta" (bread served in slices that have been broiled, rubbed with garlic, brushed with olive oil, seasoned with salt, and layered with various toppings) to "umami" (a taste sensation produced by glutamates and nucleotides, associated with meats and high-protein foods and often considered to be the fifth basic taste along with sweet, sour, salty, and bitter).