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one of two pieces of armor plate hanging from the fauld to protect the upper thighs

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We have developed an 'integrated' or 'holistic' approach to our work," said Tasset.
Our assessments and our interventions rest on the conviction that seeds of upward growth are inherent in both individual and groups," added Tasset.
ILF is the vision of Dan Tasset, chairman of Nueterra Healthcare, to provide basic medical care to the world's orphaned children.
At Basin Healthcare Center, as in all of our facilities, we partner with quality physicians to better healthcare and provide cost-effective, patient focused healthcare," shared Tasset.
Employing master woodworking skills, Tasset had perfectly replicated an ordinary shipping pallet in finely finished hardwood.
Concurrent with the gallery survey, Tasset installed two newly realized public art commissions in Chicago's Loop.
Back in the '80s, at least for a little while, Tony Tasset was one of a number of artists playing games with the heritage of Minimalism, building cubes and boxes that made you think of Donald Judd and then upholstering them plushly in leather.
In preparation for the event, William MacMillan, the conservator at the Higgins, recently climbed a ladder to take a close look at the condition of each of the suits of armor, which consist of a breastplate, a backplate, tassets and a helmet with a down-turned brim.
Comprising a close helmet, breastplate and tassets (thigh protectors), backplate, gorget (collar) and shoulder plates, the suit is associated with a number of finely-etched north German armours made in the early 1560s for the dukes of Brunswick, their court and their men-at-arms.
He is pictured wearing particularly fine Italian armour, consisting of cuirass and tassets, with the gauntlets and close helmet on the table behind, all finely decorated with etched designs.
The "Lion Armor," a suit of plate armor complete with tassets and decorated with repousse rinceaux and gilded, damascened bands, the Collar of the Order of St.