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A further example of irony in Agaat lies in the fact that, while ownership of the farm (indeed ownership of the novel, which is named for Agaat), and knowledge about farming, are transferred to the "coloured" daughter/ servant/sister who is a brown Afrikaans-speaker, she may prove to be a more ruthless taskmistress than was her white employer; she may take advantage of the opportunity to exact her revenge upon the other "coloured" servants and labourers who have tormented her for her withered arm and her patrician ways.
She adds that "his Austen is the intimidating schoolteacher, a hard taskmistress," someone that critics like him tend to enlist in a project of "cultural intimidation and regulation.
A witheringly critical taskmistress with her students (and easily threatened to the point of cruelly sabotaging ones who show more talent than she does), Erika seems every bit the bitter, brainy spinster.
Martha is a woman who is 6 foot 5, who is a control freak, who is a real taskmistress.
It could also be one of the other British warhorses referencing their earlier triumphs here, such as Maggie Smith's brittle taskmistress or Richard Harris' hairily Arthurian headmaster.