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a woman taskmaster

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Under the baleful eye of Bessie Bosworth (a stern taskmistress in Jeanine Serralles' serenely sadistic performance), a gaggle of girls awkwardly goes through the drill of portraying such maidenly attitudes as Horror, Fright and Grief when they would rather be pounding one another in a mean game of basketball.
She adds that "his Austen is the intimidating schoolteacher, a hard taskmistress," someone that critics like him tend to enlist in a project of "cultural intimidation and regulation.
She was a kind taskmistress, but she settled for nothing less than perfection in the yarn I made.
His prolonged sixteen-year agony of remorse, presided over by his stern taskmistress Paulina with his urgent request that she never let him forget the gravity of his crimes, is implausible psychologically (no one can really be that sorry for that long) but is symbolically meaningful.
A witheringly critical taskmistress with her students (and easily threatened to the point of cruelly sabotaging ones who show more talent than she does), Erika seems every bit the bitter, brainy spinster.