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a temporary military unit formed to accomplish a particular objective

a semipermanent unit created to carry out a continuing task

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The Fiscal Year Flexibility Task Force (chaired by David Lifson) collaborated with Rep.
The task Force was also concerned that if it specifically addressed tax shelters, it would have to define the term.
The task force continues to need member support to enhance and update the resource guide to make it even more valuable to members.
This tool makes it possible for the task force and the nine member states to disseminate information rapidly about suspected or confirmed incidents and for national authorities to evaluate measures planned with their implications for EU and for other member states.
The task force will also define standards for environmental insurers by making structural and coverage recommendations.
In his April 30 NDP proclamation Bush adopted the Task Force theme of "One Nation Under God" as his own.
The third task force that presented a report to the Board of Directors is focusing on TEI's advocacy efforts.
We believe our task force has an opportunity, indeed an obligation, to help prepare ACA for the future by examining our paradigms and thinking creatively about that future.
While the subcommittees and the Task Force will continue to meet in a confidential forum, the Task Force is currently inviting industry members to submit comments for consideration.
To get a good representation of people who are in a position to see implementation problems as they turn up, each organization represented on the Board's Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) was asked to nominate task force members who have an expertise in accounting for income taxes.
On my third day in country, Combined Joint Task Force Bravo, which had been operating for nearly 5 months, began planning and preparation for redeployment of more than 250 military transport and heavy construction vehicles to the seaport.
As a preliminary matter, the task force confirmed that the TAM process has evolved and is now being used more as a vehicle for obtaining generic legal advice rather than as a means to render taxpayer-specific guidance.
You are requested to form a Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Defense Industrial Structure for Transformation to describe the defense industry required to cope with the international security environment in the 21st Century.
The Stapleton community has been a part of the planning process from the beginning, including many working meetings with the Mayor's Task Force where the plan was developed.
A task force of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners has approved the addition of A.
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