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a salt or ester of tartaric acid

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Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Tylosin Tartrate Industry, 2009-2019 is a professional and in-depth market survey on Global and Chinese Tylosin Tartrate industry.
The proprietary brimonidine tartrate gel proved faster acting and significantly more effective than the vehicle.
Easy integration into formulas is also an advantage; Carnipure crystalline and Carnipure tartrate are stable under common processing conditions.
1) Butorphanol tartrate (Torbugesic, Fort Dodge Animal Health, Fort Dodge, IA, USA) has been shown to act by binding [kappa] opioid receptors in the peripheral and central nervous systems and mimicking the activities of endogenous opioids.
50 and therefore, tartaric acid which has a first dissociation value in this range will dissociate into its bitartrate and tartrate ions.
Zolpidem tartrate tablets in formulations of five milligrams and 10 milligrams are manufactured by multiple generic drug companies in the United States.
ergotamine tartrate and caffeine tablets (marketed by West-Ward Pharmaceutical Corporation and Mikart), Cafergot tablets (marketed by Sandoz), and Ergo-mar sublingual tablets (marketed by Rosedale Therapeutics).
Five organic anions (citrate, oxalate, tartrate, malonate, and malate), with different abilities to complex Al, were chosen for the study.
Detrol (tolterodine tartrate tablets), approved in March 1998, calms overactive bladders by reducing bladder muscle contractions.
That sediment is almost 100 percent potassium hydrogen tartrate [a salt that's in wine]," she observes, while the bottle stain has no detectable salts.
Both studies met their primary efficacy endpoints and together will form the basis of Genzyme's registration package for eliglustat tartrate.
Tenders are invited for Capacity Verification & Registration of Firmes for supply of Acid tartrate of potassium (potassium b| tartrate) the potassium acid tartrate shell have the following composition: khcho at strength 99.
has launched Tolterodine Tartrate Extended-release (ER) Capsules, 2 mg and 4 mg.
A new study shows that long-term L-carnitine supplementation in the form of Carnipure tartrate, from Lonza, coupled with the intake of carbohydrates increases muscular L-carnitine content in recreational athletes.