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a small tart usually used as a canape

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Line 10 mini brioche molds or 20 to 24 tartlet pans with dough.
2 Slice each fig and arrange, overlapping, inside the marked line of the tartlets.
Appetizers were Brie and Jam Tartlets, Tomato Bites, and Spinach-stuffed Mushrooms.
The menu of the family-run company includes a variety of sweet treats ranging from fresh strawberry tartlets to butterscotch chip cookies with all sorts of yumminess in between.
Use a 7cm fluted cutter to stamp out 12 circles, and use to line tartlet tins.
Put half a teaspoon strawberry jam into each tartlet case and spread it over the base.
The latest tartlet treats in the Sweet Moments range from Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH of Gross-Gerau, Germany, are positioned by the producer as "seductively fruity or chocolaty and creamy, and just right at 70 grams.
The stilton and mushroom tartlet with pesto and toasted walnuts was great as a starter and cost pounds 5.
Place an artichoke half, cut-side up, in the centre of each tartlet, so that the charred side is showing.
Here's what inmates in the North East will be eating on Christmas Day: HMP Durham Lunch: QQ Roast turkey and pigs in blankets; Q Pork chop; Q Halal chicken breast; or, Q Mushroom pie Dessert: QQ Black forest gateaux, or Q Banana HMP Frankland Lunch: QQ Mushroom and lentil bake; Q Halal diced peppered beef casserole; or, Q Roast turkey and gammon with a chipolata sausage and stuffing Q With roast potatoes, carrots and sprouts Dessert: QQ Christmas pudding and white sauce, or Q Fruit cocktail HMP Low Newton Lunch: QQ Roast turkey with stuffing; Q Bacon rolls; or, Q Spinach and onion tartlet Q With roast potatoes, roast parsnips, Brussel sprouts, carrots and gravy; or, Q Vegan Schnitzel Q Vegan spicy bean and vegetable bake Dessert: QQ Christmas pudding and sweet white sauce, or Q Fruit
The menu offers lumpiang ubod (coconut pith spring roll), pandesal (bun) with kesong puti (goat cheese), and Vigan longganisa (native sausage) grilled on the spot, monggo (mung bean) soup with smoked fish and alugbati (malabar spinach) in demitasse cups, fried saba (Cardava banana) slices; and durian tartlet.
It is short and unfussy, with classics like chicken liver parfait with cornichons, goats cheese tartlet with tapenade, charcuterie, escargots and Parisian-style gnocchi.
3 Pour the chocolate into the tartlet shells, garnish with poached pears and honey comb ice cream.
Take six small tartlet cases, lightly grease and cut out the pastry, slightly bigger than the cases and carefully put the pastry into the cases.