tartaric acid

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an acid found in many fruits

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The health benefits associated with tartaric acid is also expected to drive the market growth during the forecast period.
In our research work we have selected a cheap and commercially available starting material: L-(+)- tartaric acid which is a naturally occurring chiral compound and was conveniently converted into diacetyl-L-tartaric anhydride 1 (Scheme-1).
Thus composition nature and concentration of organic acids in fruits are of particular interest due to their impact on the sensorial properties of citrus fruits and juices (Nour et al.2010).In citrus fruits the most important non-volatile organic acids regarding the quantity are citric acid ascorbic acid malic acid and tartaric acid (Farnworth et al.
1,4-Di-O-alkyl threitols from tartaric acid: 1,4-di-O-benzyl-L-threitol.
Tartaric acid acts as a flavour enhancer (replaces salt) as well as a dough strengthener, increasing mixing time and decreasing the need for oxidizing agents.
Chemical modification of biosorbent with tartaric acid further enhances its biosorption capabilities for removing anionic dyes due to protonation of active binding sites.
They have found some earthenware along the Tigris river showing traces of tartaric acid (an element which is characteristic of the grape fermentation), honey, apple juice, and brew barley (a sort of beer ante litteram).
Tartaric acid, rare in other fruits, is the most important - it makes the wine refreshing, but malic acid - the kind of acid found in crisp apples - can set the teeth on edge.
They also found calcium oxalate, so-called beerstone, which is produced during barley beer brewing, and they identified tartaric acid, which appears in grapes and therefore wine.
Lhote says electrodialysis is "a great tool for pH adjustment" in place of tartaric acid additions.
While there is no interference from anthocyanins with the RI technique, in UV detection a large anthocyanin peak interfered with the citric and tartaric acid analysis.
Analysis of the residue of six jars found in his tomb has revealed tartaric acid, a chemical characteristic of grapes.
Chemical analyses of the telltale stain identified its principal component as the calcium salt of tartaric acid. Grapes are the only food known to contain large amounts of tartaric acid, McGovern says.