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Synonyms for tartar

a salt used especially in baking powder

a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman

a member of the Mongolian people of central Asia who invaded Russia in the 13th century

an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums

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The tartar hidden below the gum line is the main cause of problems.
American professor James Quayle has also visited the new settlement in Tartar.
1 boiler, brought ZH-1 to a halt with smoke and escaping steam masking her from her primary tormentors, Ashanti and Tartar.
The peas were good without being exceptional and the tartar sauce something of an acquired taste, whereas I'm sure all sushi lovers would enjoy the bite and contrasting flavours of the seaweed salad, served with very fresh coriander.
Sixty-seven-year-old Olga Kruglova, who came to Tartar at the age of 17, was not home when the attack happened in April, but her daughter was.
On the May 18 to 20, 1944 on the order from Moscow the Crimean Tartar population of the Crimea was deported.
The crew of HMS Tartar in 1939, above, and Harry Clark as a young Petty Officer serving on the HMS Tartar during the Second World War
Diet can contribute to the development of plaque and tartar by having food particles become lodged between teeth and gums, thereby providing a substrate for bacterial growth.
The most important point of the watershed is in Tartar, and in case of staring a dialogue, we shall be able to correctly use this
2] Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until stiff.
Regular brushing and flossing can help reduce the amount of tartar that collects on your teeth, which is important because tartar can damage tooth enamel and weaken your teeth.
The process is fairly straight forward: insert the end of the chisel blade between the gum line and an accumulation of tartar, and then, flicking the chisel down and out, chip the tartar away.
1 WHAT YOU WILL NEED 4 mackerel fillets, 2 limes, a bunch of chives, sea salt, 100g chorizo, 12 single mussels, 1 shallot, 1 punnet of pea shoots, white wine, frying flour, olive oil 2 PREPARE THE MACKEREL FILLETS Pin bone them, then cut each of the fillets in half and use one for pan frying, the other for the tartar.
Brian replies: LIKE humans, animals get plaque and when this calcifies it turns into tartar.