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any bone of the tarsus


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The thigh region was considered the femoral neck and shaft, the leg region was the tibia or fibula, and the foot region was the tarsals and metatarsals.
Similarly, the occurrence of stress fractures of the tarsal bones decreased by 36.
Eyes are becoming squinty and tarsals are super dark.
The tarsal glands at this age are small and light in coloration.
Clarke's group found that the tospeak gene overlaps a DNA region that regulates GDF6's activity in the carpals and tarsals.
Some family members also have fused carpal and tarsal bones (in the wrists and feet) and fused vertebrae.
Three are located on the extremities: tarsal glands on the inner surface of the hind legs (hocks); smaller, metatarsal glands on the outer surface; and interdigital glands between the hooves.
Tarsal: The most visibly apparent of the five is the tarsal gland.
The arrangement of distal tarsals 4 and 5 is a key example.
The anlage of bc gives rise to the digital arch, which segments and bifurcates to produce the series of distal tarsals (dt), normally three, and the metatarsals (mt), normally five.
Tarsal glands on the inside of the rear legs will appear small and have a very slight coloration.
Approximately 50%-80% of cases of tarsal coalition are bilateral, (4,6) and more than 90% of coalitions are located between the calcaneus and the navicular or between the talus and calcaneus.
5,6) Calcaneonavicular coalition (Figure 4) is the most common of the tarsal coalitions.
1) Hyperpronation of the foot is also associated with tarsal tunnel syndrome, though the condition is less common in the general population.
Yet another hunter I know, Mickey Baab, saves the tarsal glands from every whitetail--bucks and does--he and his friends kill.