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any bone of the tarsus


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21) NA Grumbine, PA Radovic, R Parsons, and GS Scheinin (1990) Tarsal tunnel syndrome.
TABLE Rule out these causes of heel pain when considering a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis (4,5) Neurologic Arthritic Tarsal tunnel syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis Entrapment neuropathy Ankylosing spondylitis Peripheral neuropathy Reiter's disease Lumbar radiculopathy Inflammatory arthropathies Skeletal Other Calcaneal stress fracture Vascular insufficiency Bone contusion Neoplasm Osteomyelitis Calcaneal apophysitis Paget's disease Enthesopathies Fat-pad atrophy Achilles tendonitis
In this manner a subgroup of 9 patients was identified in whom tarsal tunnel syndrome could be diagnosed basing on neurophysiological exa-mination.
Similar with the literature, in our series, the most common neuropathy in the upper extremity was CTS, however, tarsal tunnel syndrome (TTS) was the most common neuropathy in lower extremity.
Tarsal tunnel syndrome is the ankle-foot equivalent of the wrist-hand carpal tunnel syndrome.
Anatomy Primer: The Tibial Nerve and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.
On occasion posterior tibial tendinitis or tarsal tunnel syndrome may be the cause of the symptoms.
Permanent Residuals: Soft tissue crushing injury resulting in tarsal tunnel syndrome and Morton's neuroma.
Common among athletes and people with active lifestyles, tarsal tunnel syndrome is often due to repetitive stress injury.
inflammatory joint conditions such as osteoarthritis, carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, and epicondylitis; -- neuro-cerebral conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease and cerebral palsy; -- tinnitus; and -- therapeutics for the treatment of joint conditions in animals, especially large dogs and racing horses; and
Plantar fasciitis does not cause paresthesias or other neurologic symptoms, so their presence is suggestive of a different diagnosis, such as nerve entrapment, compartment syndrome, or tarsal tunnel syndrome.
1) Hyperpronation of the foot is also associated with tarsal tunnel syndrome, though the condition is less common in the general population.
Heelpain triad: the combination of plantar fascutis, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction and tarsal tunnel syndrome.
Numbness can occur at different parts of the foot depending on the source of the pressure such as along the arch and inside of the ankle from tarsal tunnel syndrome.