tarsal bone

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any bone of the tarsus


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1,2) In most cases, tuberculosis of the foot affected a single bone, (3) and tarsal bones are rarely affected.
The largest of three swelling is situated anterio-internally at the level of the inner lip of trochlea of the astragalus and the two smaller swellings located one on the either side of the posterior surface of the hock joint at the junction of the tibial tarsal and fibular tarsal bones.
Calcaneal fracture is common seen fracture in foot and ankle surgery which accounts for 60%~65% of the entire tarsal bone fractures.
41) If conservative measures fail, surgery may be necessary for tendon repair, tendon transfer, calcaneal osteotomy, or tarsal bone fusion.
Yamamoto H et al16 in a review of 19 children for whom one stage posteromedial release were performed at the age of 5 years or older, found good radiographic alignment of tarsal bone but mild adduction and varus deformity as complications.
He fractured a tarsal bone and is in a cast so obviously won't be going for the Springbok," said trainer Paul Young yesterday.
INTRODUCTION: The calcaneum (Os calcis) is the largest and most often fractured tarsal bone.
The trainer said yesterday: "Directors Chair has broken the tibial tarsal bone in his hock.
He found that she has a hairline fracture of the central tarsal bone.
Brian said it was exactly like Premier Fantasy in that there were two breaks at the front of the central tarsal bone.
INTRODUCTION: Calcaneum is the most frequently fractured tarsal bone, accounting for approximately 2% of all fractures.
After the son of Frisby Flashing had been examined by an orthopaedic surgeon yesterday, trainer Mick Puzey said: "He's broken the central tarsal bone in his hock, and won't race again.
Pond Neptune was yesterday undergoing a second operation to repair the central tarsal bone in his hock, the shattered bone requiring pinning at five separate points.
However in younger group less tarsal bone deformity was observed than in older groups.