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any bone of the tarsus


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Legs: First tarsomere without spur; tarsal claws 1-toothed and bent near midlength, empodia reaching bend in claws (Fig.
Owing to ontogenetic variation in the coloration of the body and legs, armature of the dorsal scutum, pedipalps and legs, tarsal morphology and genitalia (present only in adults), it can be challenging to identify to genus or species, the nymphs of laniatorean harvestmen (Townsend et al.
Caption: Figure 3: Radiographs of right (a) and left (b) ankles demonstrating the osteolysis of tarsal bones, distal tibial epiphysis, the proximal end of metatarsal bones, and the distal end of fibula.
A tarsal strip was fashioned from the posterior lamella and was then sutured to the periosteum at the lateral orbital wall, by using 5-0 ethibond double spatula sutures.
MRI is helpful to study the anatomy of the tarsal tunnel and to reinforce TB diagnosis (presence of cartilage).
The tears of the patients were collected by inserting Microsponges (Alcon Laboratory, Fort Worth, Texas) into the inferior tarsal conjunctiva of both eyes for 60 seconds.
At clinical, the hock showed a mass white to pale pink, suppurative areas, firm, proliferative chronic wound granulomatous appearance and soft tissue mass was located on the side aspect of the right and lateral tarsal joint.
Track and field activities and particularly running causes stress related injuries usually stress fractures of tibia, metatarsal and tarsal bones17.
In the general population, conservative treatment for symptomatic tarsal coalition aims to reduce stress on the tarsus or midfoot (12) by reducing activities that provoke symptoms or supporting the foot with orthoses.
Many cases of eyelid retraction can be managed with lateral canthoplasty or the lateral tarsal strip procedure.
The genus can be characterized by presenting occipital procces; four-segmented palpi; wings with 1-3 mm long, R5 joining C beyond the wing apex, Rs weaker than R1, but evident; variable tarsal claws (toothed or simple, and curved near basal third or beyond), empodia usually reaching to the curve of the claws or sometimes shorter; quadrate or secondarily lobed or acute male cerci; aedeagus usually elongate and tapering to the apex or sometimes large and bulbous; ovipositor short, barely protrusible; and female cerci separate.
Failure to identify when multiple joints are involved in tarsal coalition can result in persistent symptoms and failure of operative management.
This edition combines and updates material from three previous manuals on bilamellar tarsal rotation procedure, Trabut procedure, and the final assessment of candidate trichiasis surgeons.