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any bone of the tarsus


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Habitualmente, el proceso anterior alargado del calcaneo se superpone a la porcion media del escafoides tarsiano en pacientes portadores de coalicion tarsal o articulacion anomala entre el proceso anterior del calcaneo y el escafoides (23).
El paciente de este estudio presento una masa ulcerada subcutanea en la region tarsal, que despues del analisis de histopatologia e inmunohistoquimica se diagnostico como linfoma B inmunoblastico.
Retrospectively, all consecutive patients at our institution who had been diagnosed clinically with a tarsal coalition that had been confirmed by computed tomography (CT) that had been evaluated by a musculoskeletal radiologist between 2008 and 2011 were identified.
Compared with the traditional tarsal strip procedure for strengthening the eyelid horizontally, the current technique provides not only horizontal support but also an additional force to elevate lower lid during eyelid closure.
Non-osseous tarsal coalition of the lateral cuneiform-third metatarsal joint.
The thigh region was considered the femoral neck and shaft, the leg region was the tibia or fibula, and the foot region was the tarsals and metatarsals.
Tarsal claws with large tooth at middle of ventral border (Fig.
There were four tarsal bones with no bonding in distal row, which were termed as os tarsale I, II, III and IV.
We defined VKC on the basis of history and the presence of conjunctival papillae 1mm diameter over the upper tarsal plate and/or limbal hypertrophy.
In this patient, an incision was made to remove the mass in addition to the tarsal incision for eyelid malposition.
Antennae longer or shorter, last antennomere acuminate or normal, first tarsal segment when it is long not as above .
Legs brown, hind legs darker; hind femur, hind tibia with basal paler ring; hind tibial comb with 7 spines; prothoracic tarsal ratio 1.
Septic right tarsal arthritis may result by haematogeneous spread of infection from the infected horn fracture (Altenbrunner Martinek et al.