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Synonyms for tarry

Synonyms for tarry

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

to stop temporarily and remain, as if reluctant to leave

to continue to be in a place

Synonyms for tarry

leave slowly and hesitantly


having the characteristics of pitch or tar

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The village Tarry Awhile is predominantly Christian, but from the dagger looks of two opposing sides, one would think it was peopled by ISIS and Talebans.
2] showed that one of efficient methods of purification of the manufacturing sewage of tarry substances is adsorption.
Director Naomi Tarry won the 'East of England Businesswoman Entrepreneur of the Year Award' in 2011, and the business was a finalist in the national British Travel Awards last year.
Tarry said: "Mythical Flight is in Dubai at the moment but he's not going to run there.
Beryl Sutton a shopkeeper in Tarry Road, said the house opposite her "used to be the best in the road.
Mr Tarry lived in the Orford area of Warrington for 10 years, with his mother, who he was the main carer for.
Encore secured corporate partners in the Caribbean and intends to begin business development, said CEO Jack Tarry.
This essay seeks to redress that imbalance by presenting the first extended critical treatment of the work of African American author and political activist Ellen Tarry, whose major but little-known text is her 1955 autobiography The Third Door.
The decision was taken following a meeting between Harrison, chairman John Wilkinson, chief executive David Tarry and football director Steve Simms, who becomes caretaker coach.
Cut, 2006, a four-and-a-half-minute video that was accompanied in this show by six stills, depicts husband-and-wife performance artists Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry methodically shearing each other's hair with a straight razor, and is perhaps the pair's most hypnotic, moving, and politically charged work to date.
A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said investigators had yet to identify the ``black tarry substance'' more than 24 hours after it erupted at Olive Street and Pico Boulevard.
Zahrah and her friend Dari decide that the Forbidden Greeny Jungle is the best place to practice because few people are brave enough to tarry there.
The Grocer was the only member of the media invited to meet the man in charge of Tesco's UK clothing business, Jason Tarry, and see the presentation of what is not only Tesco's boldest and most directional range to date, but also its largest, at some 30% broader than the current offer.
Few governors tarry long on this subject--and many admit to frustration over "bad apples' in the charter barrel.
TARRY FLYNN, already the winner of the Irish Lincolnshire twice in the past four years, attempts to go into the history books at The Curragh today.