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This would appear to be consistent with findings from Wearden's study of EE among couples living with Type 1 diabetes, where EE was also associated with diabetes management, but not HbAlc levels for individuals in her sample (Wearden, Tarrier, & Davies, 2000).
Concept of entrapment is recognized as an important process in psychopathology (Taylor, Gooding, Wood, & Tarrier, 2011) and as a major predictor of suicide (O'Connor, 2003; Williams, 1997; Williams, Crane, Barnhofer, & Duggan, 2005) and suicidal ideation (Taylor, Gooding et al.
2006) proposed that they may be a cause of depression (for a similar analysis, see also Wood & Tarrier, 2010).
To explain failure in source discrimination processes, Morrison, Haddock, and Tarrier (1995) pointed to metacognitive variables, and to cognitive dissonance.
Although age is an important factor regarding the outcomes in psychological treatment and youngers show better improvement as concluded by Haddock, Lewis, Bentall, Dunn and Tarrier .
McCarthy, Tarrier, and Gregg (2002) reported finding an association between negative interpersonal interactions or perceptions and the onset of psychological disorders.
In a review of PTSD following childbirth studies, Tedstone and Tarrier (2003) found the prevalence rate of PTSD following childbirth to be between i.
Behavioral disturbances result in a more restrictive environment and a greater burden of care, resulting in the increased cost of care (Donaldson, Tarrier, & Burns, 1997; Kovach, Noonan, Schlidt, & Wells, 2005; Martin, Ricci, Kotzan, Lang, & Menzin, 2000).
Compton, Thompson, & Kaslow, 2005; Johnson, Wood, Gooding, Taylor, & Tarrier, 2011; Joiner et al.
Despite the controversy about its novelty and other competing trauma-specific treatment methods, like cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), EMDR seems to be an effective and efficient trauma-specific treatment method particularly to be used by psychodynamic oriented therapists (Harvey, Bryant, Tarrier, 2003).
client interaction, treatment, ethical considerations, and practice implications) (Gregg & Tarrier, 2007; Manhal-Baugus, 2001; National Board of Certified Counselors, 1997).
Commonly suggested barriers include: high rates of treatment non- compliance (Foa, Rothbaum, Riggs, & Murdock, 1991; Tarrier et al.
Examples of trauma-focused cognitive therapy are studies by Resick, Nishith, Weaver, Astin, & Feuer (2002) or Tarrier and colleagues (1999).
The findings of present study are similar to that of Drake, Gates and Cotton (1984); Drake and Cotton (1986); Havaki-Kontaxaki, Kontaxakis, Protopappa and Christodoulou (1994); Steblaj, Tavcar and Dernovsek (1999); Stephens, Richard and McHugh (1999); Hawton, Sutton, Haw, Sinclair and Deeks (2005); Taylor, Gooding, Wood, Johnson, Pratt and Tarrier (2010); who have concluded that hopelessness is one distinct aspect of the depressive syndrome that has been associated with suicidal thoughts, ideation and behaviour.