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(radiology) organ intended to receive the therapeutic dose of a radioactive substance

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Hypertensive emergency is severe HPT with target organ damage and life-threatening symptoms such as seizures and encephalopathy, while hypertensive urgency has less serious symptoms such as vomiting and headache, with no target organ damage.
For these chemicals, a thorough literature search was conducted to identify the target organ and mechanism of toxicity, searching first for *chemical* AND *acute toxicity* and *mechanism*, followed by *chemical* AND *target organ*.
Drawz and colleagues (2016) reported that MHT is common in patients with CKD and is related to the decrease of glomerular filtration rate, proteinuria, or cardiovascular target organ damages; thus, high attention should be paid to MHT.
Diabetic and non-diabetic patients had similar rates of target organ injuries.
To study the relation between microalbuminuria and the indices of target organ damage.
Even more alarming, it cautioned that "Screening is not done systematically, and the diagnosis is often made at a late stage when target organ damage has already happened."
Our strategy is to employ the previous segmented slice to obtain the prior (shape and intensity) knowledge of the target organ for the adjacent slice.
The problem is shown not only by the large number of illness, but also by severe incidental symptoms of target organ damage (TOD).
"The extent of target organ damage--and you could say that aortic stenosis is actually target organ damage, like atrial fibrillation or left ventricular hypertrophy--warrants a different level of blood pressure."
Moreover, Altogen Labs has developed methods to prevent siRNA degradation in serum (including both chemical modification and encapsulation of siRNA), increase delivery efficiency to the target organ, and produce strong tissue-targeted functional effects induced by siRNA in vivo.
Sections 3-4 cover target organ toxicity and other systemic effects, with sections 5-6 addressing damage to the natural environment and then circling back to discuss toxin pharmacology and metabolism.
In this work, we examined the expression of the GLP-1R in an incretin target organ, namely, the stomach in chemical and nutrient induced experimental diabetes, in order to elucidate the mechanisms of possible differences in GLP-1R expression in diabetes mellitus with different etiopathogenesis.
(14) Other target organ effects include impaired cognitive function, reduced glomerular filtration rate, microalbuminuria, and retinal arteriolar narrowing.
The microcapsules resist low pH levels, making it possible for them to pass through the stomach without opening and deliver the viable probiotics directly to the intestine, which is the target organ. The new technology was developed by Belgium pharmaceutical company Vesale Pharma.
We conclude that the mink uterus expresses the insulin receptor gene, and is a target organ for the hormone.