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Synonyms for tardiness

Synonyms for tardiness

the quality or condition of not being on time

Antonyms for tardiness

the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time

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Because of the inadequate resources and the tardiness with which they have been provided, the VA healthcare system continues to struggle to meet the needs of sick and disabled veterans.
By now you've heard the news: Disturbing numbers of America's kids are suffering from obesity, and the list of attendant problems--diabetes, low academic achievement, tardiness, absenteeism, and low self esteem--just keeps getting longer.
The portable system can also monitor students on field trips, Administrators can check attendance and tardiness by creating a quick, real-time report.
The second or third time she's late, the issue is no longer tardiness, it is integrity.
They decided to place Knight on decision-making leave based on the incident as well as Nurse Knight's "well documented disciplinary history." This four-year history included several performance issues: (1) failing to check refrigerator temperatures; (2) failing to comply with latex-allergy procedures; (3) scheduling standby cases without permission; (4) failing to send for patients in a timely manner; (5) unnecessarily calling in staff; (6) on other occasions, acting rudely and disrespectfully toward co-workers; and (7) having substantial problems of absenteeism and tardiness. Nurse Knight previously received formal counseling, the second step in the disciplinary process for her tardiness and for unnecessarily calling in staff.
Waite how stressed everyone in the group had become by Rachel's tardiness. Ms.
WHEN blues guitar maestro Walter Trout, left, returned to Scotland last October after a three-year absence, he atoned for such tardiness with two scorching shows.
It addresses over 90 common problems or concerns that teachers observe on a daily basis, such as teasing, bullying, laziness, cheating, fighting, daydreaming, lying, shyness, clowning, procrastination, tardiness, irresponsibility, test failure, and lack of friends.
While the offices will continue using the strict five-day timeliness standard in most cases, VA field offices will be allowed to use their discretion in accepting explanations for tardiness in submitted liquidation appraisals.
"They pay for turnover, tardiness, tired morale and extra recruitment expenses when people leave.
An employment firm interviewed 45 HR managers, found that casual wear contributes to employee tardiness and absenteeism (45 percent), fosters poor quality work (40 percent), encourages flirting (25 percent) (wasn't this outlawed by the open season on sexual harrassment?)." --Public relations counselor John Budd, writing in John Budd's Plain Talk, a supplement of PR Reporter newsletter.
But higher levels of stress can interfere with your ability to perform your job, is rarely pleasurable, and can lead to emotional and physical problems." Some of these may be decreased job satisfaction, abrasiveness, making constant excuses, unpredictable behavior, moodiness, decreased communication, tardiness, or an increase in sick time.
* The overall work ethic is declining: tardiness is increasing and the abuse of sick leave is common.
Students' grades are better, there is less tardiness and absenteeism, and students participate more and sleep less in class.
The only problem seems to be tardiness in updating.